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Product Customizer (by Artistry.io)

Product Customizer (by Artistry.io)

Developed by Artistry.io

11 reviews
Price: Custom Free Trial: 30 days More info
  • Boost revenue by selling personalized products
  • Simplify custom orders without worrying about writing code
  • Gain customer trust by showing them what their unique product will look like before checking out

Boost revenue, simplify custom orders, and gain customer trust with Product Customizer (by Artistry.io). Our Product Customizer allows you to sell customizable products and give your customers a live preview of their personalized items before they check out. Automating the processing of custom orders for you.

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Checkout some of our Awesome Features:

  • Visual Product Editor

    Offer your customers personalized products featuring their favorite Images, Custom Text, Monograms, Color Palettes, and more without writing a line of code! All it takes is a few minutes of watching our installation videos, and you'll master our Visual Product Editor in no time.

  • Live Preview

    Your customers will be able to buy unique products made just for them! They'll also be able to see how their products will look before checking out.

  • Hassle-free Admin Dashboard

    Our user-friendly admin pages let you focus on what you do best - creating and selling custom products, without worrying about complicated HTML and code.

  • Responsive Product Customizer

    Our user-friendly, modern looking, responsive user interface will look great on screens of all sizes, helping you get more sales from both desktop and mobile users.

  • Quickstart Templates

    Use one of our Quickstart Templates to get started selling customizable products in a matter of seconds.

  • Download Customization Image

    After your customers complete their orders you can download a 300 dpi image of the customizations.

  • Choose Your Own Order Fulfillment Provider

    We don't want to force you to use a particular order fulfillment service to use our product customizer. That's why we provide you with high-resolution files that you can either fulfill yourself or send off to your favorite order fulfillment provider!

Start selling custom products today with your 30 day FREE trial of Product Customizer (by Artistry.io)

Product Customizer (by Artistry.io) reviews

11 reviews
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I like this app. I used to love it.

I got on board with Artistry when Luis had just launched it, it was promising, it needed work but it definitely had potential. there was a lot of talk about Special AI that helps sell more products to your customers and when you contacted Luis he would respond instantly and really push the level of support through the roof to help you. Best of all was the commission based pricing structure that meant they would earn as you would earn so you knew they were really entwined in giving you a better product.

Fast forward a few months and not much has changed with the app itself. The Dropbox integration is a really good addition that saves time - this is probably the most unique thing about the app and i haven't found it elsewhere (yet...).

Other things have changed though. All that talk of specialist AI (Frida was it??) has completely gone. The pricing increased by changing the structure to a minimum payment and then commission based when it goes above that. The commission rate is very high compared to other apps of this type on the market.

The back end is quite clunky and difficult to understand until you fully get your head around how it works. It took me several weeks to work it all out and I'm not exactly a technophobe. The whole product template creation process is not very intuitive at all, there is no flow to the situation.

One of the most annoying things about artistry.io is the long time is takes for the javascript to start on the product page changing the add to cart button to the customize button. others have mentioned it in reviews and it really does get annoying as it can take 10 - 15 seconds to appear. With the way people browse the internet these days they simply don't wait that long unless you have absolutely captivated them with your product and they can't get it elsewhere.

And so to the Support. Cindy is a co-founder and the support Guru. She is really helpful and always responds, the problem is that as artistry has expanded Luis still seems to be the only developer and when things go wrong with the app it can take a long time to get fixed (it doesn't happen often but it does happen). It feels like Luis concentrates his attention on those customers that are paying extra for customisation of the template (quite rightly in his eyes).

Speaking of customization of artistry, thats also something that unless you're knowledgeable in CSS and liquid code then you'll be getting your wallet out again to pay a hefty price for basic integrations. Want the custom product image to show up in the cart? that'll be $100, want the customise button changed from being javascript to actually being in place of the add to cart button that'll be $1000 (no that's not a typo...), Just basic integration of the style of artistry into your website theme will cost in the 4 figures. These are all things that are inclded as standard on other apps.

IN SUMMARY: Artistry has let things slip recently. They started off so well and maybe its just growing pains as they get bigger, but they need to up their game to compete with newer, cheaper and more polished apps like Zakeke.


It's a great app with tremendous potential! Once you understand the workflow, it is relatively easy to build a good looking product builder. But the options within the app are still limited, and the website implementation on shopify sites is rather clunky. BUT IT WORKS!

To see how I'm using it, check here: www.fusedfootwear.com/products/design-your-custom-sparks-copy (and wait for that button to change -_-)


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  • Unlimited Templates
  • 800 Custom Orders / month

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