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Ask-a-Friend - Friendize.Me

Ask-a-Friend - Friendize.Me

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  • Boost the conversion rate of your store
  • Increase social traffic to your store
  • Acquire happy and loyal customers

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Friendize.Me in Nutshell

With the Friendize.Me App you will be able to remove shoppers’ indecision and increase their comfort level by providing them with relevant social reviews and trusted on-demand recommendations from knowledgeable friends. Even the newly received recommendation from friends will lead them back to your shop and thus provide you with additional opportunity to re-engage the customer.

The install is swift,easy and totally FREE – you just need to decide where to add the "Ask-a-Friend" button. We will do the real magic behind the scenes and provide your customers with the relevant reviews and recommendations.

Did you know?

Over 80% of people request advice from their friends and family and over 70% claim it greatly influence their decision to purchase a product.

Why do you need it?

As shoppers, we spend days researching for the right product as there's a lot of clutter that we need to sift through before getting exactly what we want. Product discovery and shopping is a data driven process, however the amount and reliability of the data is an Achilles' heel of almost any shopping experience. The "signal to noise ratio" is constantly decreasing as does the trust towards the Internet; the importance of finding trusted recommendations is growing. Think about your last purchases: Didn’t you were happy to receive a meaningful recommendation from your friend? That’s a natural social process we all follow in real life, so why not while shopping online?

Start growing your sales today – Join Friendize.Me!

Ask-a-Friend - Friendize.Me reviews (4)


I've heard alot of great reviews ....I will download right now for my site www.YOUNGYACHTOWNERS.com


I like idea that lots of clients want to make decision after discuss with friends. I install this APP, Hope this help my website http://paintingwholesalechina.com/ to attarct more friends. Thanks a lot.


This is a really cool App!
We have a Jewellery site and once we installed friendize people started using it, and we see the engagement level of our clients going up. More over, we see their friends loging in thus bringing back even more traffic.
Great tool and a nice addition to the platform.


Great Idea! Install is very easy. I was running with the app within 2 minutes! The button is a bit big, also would like to have more customization options (e.g. skin) - according to the suppport it is coming soon. Will recommend to anyone looking to amplify the social engagement by providing recommendations/reviews


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