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9 februari 2021

So far so good. Right now the only thing I wish I could change is the text "ask to buy supported" that's displayed on the product page.

Be Lovely Lingerie
Ungefär 2 månader användning av appen
1 juli 2020

Looks like a great app to help accumulate sales, and even invite customers who otherwise may not shop our site. Looking forward to some great things with this app!

The Daytron D'mur Collection
9 dagar användning av appen
AskToBuy svarade 2 juli 2020

Thanks. Your store looks like it could benefit from enabling this option to your visitors.
We noticed that the icon isn't showing up in the store - you need to make sure that you enable the app in the app dashboard (there's a toggle in the upper right corner of the dashboard screen).
If you have any questions, feel free to reach out!