Ask to Buy ‑ Cart as registry

Ask to Buy ‑ Cart as registry


Turn your Cart to Registry & Wish List with fast Cart Sharing

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Share cart as Registry

Enable visitors to fill and customize a cart. They use the AsktoBuy button to share the ready to be bought cart as a gift registry.

Turn cart share to a Wish List

Asker fills a cart and shares it. The parent or friend gets an invite is are pressured to buy/upsell. Asker is notified. Can be group shared

Social Proofing as Sales boost

Shoppers track the status of their request. Complementary to Rise, Gift Box, Reggie, Candy, Drop Hint, Wishtack, Smile, Buy Me & HoneyComb.

Ask to Buy ‑ Cart as registry 정보

Many visitors don't have the ability or the intent to pay in your store:

  • Teenagers and children who don't have a credit card rely on their parents.
  • Spouses, siblings, or friends who choose a gifts for themselves as a wish list or registry.

Without a proper way for them to share what they want, sales get lost.

How does AskToBuy save you all those lost sales?

  1. After a shopper filled a cart, instead of abandoning the cart or going through complex Wishlist creation processes, he/she simply pre-fills all the checkout details, and sends the ready cart to whoever will pay for it.
  2. The payer receives a link that directs him/her directly to the pre-filled checkout page. All they need to do is put in their payment details.
  3. Peer Pressure, Social Proofing - Askers are notified on the status of their request. Payers are more likely to complete the purchase when they know the asker is looking.


  • Edit the design, colors and placement of the AskToBuy widget to match your store.
  • Customize or change the language of any or all the texts in the app.
  • Track all requests, their status, and overall revenue uplift.
  • 24/7 support.

Is this good for my store?

Stores that have either of the following will find AsktoBuy beneficial:

  • If your store has customers under the age of 17.
  • If your store has items that can be purchased as a gift.
  • If group buy is being used in your store.
  • If you see high rates of cart abandonment.

Complementary to:

  • Social proofing: Loox, Vitals, Stamped,, Ali Reviews, Sales Pop, Buy me, Sales kit, Yotpo, Growave, Rivyo, Referral Candy, Opinew, Reputon, Fera social proof, CM Commerce.
  • Gifts: Rise, Candy Crack, GiftShip, GiftBox, Gift Reggie, Zestard Gift Wrap, Wrap it Smart, Gift Registry, ShopKeeper, Drop a Hint, Viigii.
  • Cart customization: Buy Me, HoneyComb, Sticky add to cart,, Smile, In Cart Upsell, UFE, Candy Crack, Personalized Recommendations, Persistent Cart App, Shipping Rates Calculator, Discount Box, Shipping Rules, Pre-Order Manager, Store Pickup, Swell Loyalty, Dcode, MinMaxify, Intuitive, Unlimited upsell, Parcelify, Grapevine, Recome, Instant Buy, Stickify, Cross Sell Recommend Products, Globo Sticky & Hide Paypal

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I used this application. The app works really good, highly reccomend it! Five stars!!!!And it's free

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Well, none of my customers have used it as of yet, so I cannot comment on the performance of the app. I can say it is a very clever idea and would prove useful once finally used.