AskReorder ‑ Retarget Customer

AskReorder ‑ Retarget Customer

par Meggnotec Technologies Private Limited

Ask for re-order and cross promote products via email and SMS

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High Value Returning Customers

In Adobe whitepaper "The ROI from Marketing to Existing Online Customers" repeat customers buy 7 times higher than the first time customers.

Unlike Newsletter Campaign

Communicate with your customer directly unlike Newsletter, with Ask reorder to your customer will be more engaging than newsletter campaign.

Scheduled Email and SMS

Not just email, SMS the campaign which has very high open rate. Utilize both email and SMS to reach your customer for getting more sales.

À propos de AskReorder ‑ Retarget Customer

Ask Reorder a conversion app to get more sales from your existing customers by encouraging them to reorder the earlier bought product and also by cross-selling related products.

  1. Generate more sales with this new concept for customer retention by following up with your past customers via email and SMS
  2. Increase store conversion by asking for reorder and cross-sell related products with discounts
  3. Ask Reorder can also follow up via SMS. SMS has a very high open rate increasing the opportunity to generate more repeat sales.

Why follow up with past customers?

Vast majority of your customers would have forgotten about your website unless reminded again.

They are the most easiest to convert because they have already purchased from your store and their trust would be much higher than a new visitor.

What's so different with Ask Reorder?

Ask Reorder reduces the nuisance value of a newsletter by sending the email and SMS as a followup of the previous order that they have made at your store.

By referencing the previous product they have purchased from your store the customers can relate and identify themselves better with your store thus this gives you an opportunity to present content that they may be interested.

By asking for reorder and cross-promoting with products that are related to the earlier purchased product with Good Offers and Discounts Ask Reorder increases Repeat Sales and thereby increasing your Conversion rate.

You can increase the urgency by setting a time limit for the discounts.

All the required discount codes generated automatically and are unique to a customer and cannot be used more than once thus removing any opportunity for misuse.

Followup via SMS

Ask Reorder provides a feature to follow up customers via SMS automatically with unique content in each SMS by using templates.

SMS has a very high open rate thus presenting you an opportunity to make sure your offer reaches the eyes of more customers.

Probable usage scenarios of Ask Reorder App

  • Any store that generates sales.
  • Any store that sends newsletters. Just replace it with emails and SMS via our app and sure your sales will grow because the customers can identify easily with your store.
  • Any store that wants to generate more sales from their past customers.
  • Stores that want to cross-sell related products to the buyers of Specific Products.
  • Stores that want to provide pantry like follow up with their customers.


Extensive analytics is provided.

  1. You can view list of emails and SMS sent.
  2. You can view list of visits from your customers by their timing and the track of progress in site up to the sales completed time.
  3. Sales conversion will be available in your Google Analytics E-commerce Tracking.

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  • Emails - Unlimited
  • Campaigns - Max 5
  • Products target per campaign - 1
  • Recommended products per campaign - 2
  • SMS - No


$9.99 par mois

Usage charge based on SMS sent

  • Emails - Unlimited
  • Campaigns - Max 100
  • Products target per campaign - 5
  • Recommended products per campaign - 2
  • SMS - Yes


$29.99 par mois

Usage charge based on SMS sent

  • Emails - Unlimited
  • Campaigns - Max 1000
  • Products target per campaign - 10
  • Recommended products per campaign - 2
  • SMS - Yes

* Tous les frais sont facturés en USD. Les frais récurrents, y compris les frais mensuels ou les frais d'utilisation, sont facturés tous les 30 jours.

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