NPS Customer Feedback by email

NPS Customer Feedback by email


Post Purchase survey & Abandoned Checkout feedback with NPS

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Setup in minutes

No need for technical knowledge. Simply install the app, customize your emails & customer feedback surveys in any language & you're all set!

Collect valuable feedback

Easily email NPS surveys to your customers or let us do it automatically each time there is a new order or an abandoned checkout. That's it!

Get real-time insights

View your customers responses and NPS in real-time. Increase customer satisfaction by tracking your store's pulse 24/7!

关于 NPS Customer Feedback by email

AskBeat Customer Feedback is an easy-to-use tool for receiving feedback & measuring customer satisfaction with the tried & tested Net Promoter Score®. AskBeat delivers Post-purchase & Abandoned checkout NPS® surveys to your Shopify store customers by email, either automatically or manually, and it requires minimal setup & no technical knowledge.

NPS® is widely used to track customer happiness and is based on one simple question: "How likely are you to recommend {STORE} to a friend or colleague?". Respondents give a rating between 0 (Not likely) and 10 (Very likely) and are asked to justify their rating.

Setup in minutes

  • No need for technical knowledge & no coding needed
  • Simply install the app and customize emails & surveys, if & as needed
  • Deliver Post purchase & Abandoned checkout surveys in any language and with your own branding
  • Offer a discount code to respondents to increase retention & loyalty and boost abandoned cart recovery

Collect valuable customer feedback

  • Automatically send a Post purchase survey each time there is a new order
  • Automatically send an Abandoned cart email & survey when customers abandon their checkout, along with their cart recovery url
  • Manually email your Post purchase surveys & Abandoned checkout emails to a list of your customers at any time
  • Set a throttling limit you to ensure your surveys are not sent to the same customer more than once in a given time period
  • Send reminders to non-respondents to increase the response rate of your survey and abandoned cart recovery

Get real-time insights

  • View customers' responses & comments and spot your strengths & weaknesses
  • Identify why customers abandon their checkouts and take action, so to decrease cart abandonment and increase your revenue
  • Identify your store's promoters, passives & detractors, easily reply to them and increase your customer satisfaction & retention
  • Show customers that you value their opinion, eliminate any drawbacks, increase your returning & referring customers and boost your sales
  • Track your NPS® for different time periods and how it evolves over time
  • Monitor the number of emails sent, answered & unsubscribed

More features

  • Survey answers are displayed as soon as they arrive and NPS® results are calculated in real-time
  • Customer activity pages summarize the surveys & responses history and also show the originating orders (for automated post-purchase surveys)
  • Surveys & Dashboard are fully responsive and may be accessed from any device
  • Custom subscription plans are available upon request
  • Import of NPS® answers from previously used tools is available on demand

*NPS® and Net Promoter Score® are registered trademarks of Bain & Company, Inc., Satmetrix Systems, Inc., and Fred Reichheld




Free plan


  • 10 emails every 30 days

AskBeat 200


  • 200 emails every 30 days

AskBeat 500


  • 500 emails every 30 days

AskBeat 1000


  • 1000 emails every 30 days

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