AspireIQ Elevate

AspireIQ Elevate


Make community core to your business


Boost brand love

Stay top-of-mind at every stage of the customer journey. Empower your enthusiasts to share their passion for your brand with the world.

Increase your revenue

Move from transactions to interactions. Build meaningful 1:1 relationships to maximize engagement and long-term retention.

Fuel organic growth

Scale your marketing channels with a genuine voice. Community-produced content is more engaging than brand-produced one — driving clicks.

有關 AspireIQ Elevate

  1. Import & identify - Identify your most valuable advocates with powerful AI, social listening, and social discovery tools. Or, import your existing community to keep a single system of record.

  2. Onboard & organize - Make it easy to interact with new and existing community members. Use groups, segments, and tags to organize your database, scale relationships, and manage them without cluttering your inbox.

  3. Recognize & respond - Advanced technology combines buyer behavior and social interactions, enabling you to see who your key players are and inform your strategy with actionable data.

  4. Activate & achieve - Create meaningful relationships through customizable collaborations — like product feedback, affiliate programs, and events — that boost your business and show your advocates how much you value them.

  5. Analyze & advance - Measure true LTV, track community members’ performance, understand audience trends and behaviors, and evaluate your brand’s social presence with our robust analytics reporting. Use these takeaways to fuel future strategies.



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