Assemble Subscriptions

Assemble Subscriptions


Get recurring revenue on tap with our super-simple app

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Free onboarding call

Get set up and ready to start selling subscriptions in no time with a personalized onboarding call from our team.

Keep that revenue rolling in

It’s never been easier to set up subscriptions that keep your revenue rolling in, month after month after month.

Less churn, more earn

Boost your customer retention and create unique subscription experiences with our powerful and flexible loyalty discounts.

关于 Assemble Subscriptions

Say goodbye to choosing between unpredictable revenue or complicated subscription apps with eye-watering fees. Say hello to Assemble, the super-simple subscription app that makes it easier than ever to turn your store into a recurring revenue-generating machine.

Keep that revenue rolling in, month after month

Built by a team with 10+ years of helping Shopify entrepreneurs (like you!) sell more, Assemble is no ordinary subscription app.

Not only does it take just a few minutes to get that sweet, sweet revenue rolling in month after month, but you’ll also be doing Future You a massive favour by letting Assemble handle the nitty-gritty things like payment, stock, and deliveries.

Recurring revenue, on-tap

From the moment you click “Add app”, Assemble comes with everything you need for subscription-selling success:

  • Super-simple installation

    One-click install for most themes and a personalized onboarding call to get you set up.

  • Tools to incentivize recurring revenue

    Everything you need to send your Monthly Recurring Revenue (MRR) through the roof, from tiered discounts that convert browsers, to prepaid subscriptions that guarantee revenue.

  • Seamless checkouts, even with mixed carts

    Smooth checkout experiences for all your customers, even if they’re buying a subscription and a one-off item.

  • Delivery intervals and shipping profiles that work for you

    Setting up custom rules for your delivery and shipping has never been easier.

  • On-brand experiences out of the box

    No Assemble logos or no janky integrations, just a seamless, on-brand subscription experience every time.

  • Stop them clicking the dreaded “Cancel subscription” button

    Let your customers pause, change frequency and manage their subscriptions.

  • Take complete control of your comms

    Tailor your post-checkout customer experiences with fully customizable emails.

New features added all the time!

We’re always asking merchants how we can make Assemble even better. Here are a few new features we’ve launched recently:

  • Dynamic discounts

    Set up loyalty offers like 'Get 10% off your first 3 months and 15% off every month after' to convert one-time buyers to long-time subscribers.

  • Analytics dashboard

    See everything from AOV to subscriber growth so you can work out what’s working and double down.

We’re here for whatever you need

  • Super-easy documentation
  • In-person onboarding call
  • Friendly and responsive support
  • A dedicated tool to suggest new features

Assemble isn’t just an app, it's a team that's here to help you grow your MRR.

Start a trial today and see how easy it is to start bringing in that sweet, sweet recurring revenue.







定价 30 天免费试用



  • For stores on 'Basic', 'Shopify' or ‘Advanced’ plans
  • Flat monthly fee
  • Unlimited subscriptions
  • Zero transaction fees
  • Personal onboarding call

Shopify Plus


  • For stores on a ‘Shopify Plus’ plan
  • Flat monthly fee
  • Create unlimited subscriptions
  • Zero transaction fees
  • Personal onboarding call

* 所有费用均以USD结算。
** 经常性费用(包括每月费用或基于使用情况的费用)每 30 天收取一次。

4.6 评分


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Happy Flame

Set up was done for us fast and without a issue. Fits in with the theme perfectly. Simple to use and Fantastic support- fast and friendly. Looking forward to their coming updates.



Thank you so much for your lovely review - we really do appreciate your feedback! I'll make sure to pass your kind words onto the support team - we look forwards to working with you for all our coming updates!

Pickletown Flower Co

Assemble Subscriptions is INCREDIBLE. I've tried several other subscription apps and they've all been a headache. I use many apps for my Shopify site. I've had numerous issues, and hands down, Assemble is the quickest and MOST efficient at handling any issues that come up. In fact, they went above and beyond to fix the code with a different app so that it wouldn't interfere with the subscription app. I am beyond impressed! I highly recommend Assemble!



Thanks so much for your 5 star review, we're so glad Assemble has proved to be a good fit for your business. Happy to help with that conflict, and best of luck with the launch. If you need anything at all, we're here and happy to help :)

Harbor and Sprout

Assemble has gone to great lengths to rectify some glitches we have had, and I can tell they are putting in the effort to fix the problems that have come up along the way. I am so appreciative of their responsiveness as we've worked together on some problems. They have adjusted code for me personally and have been digging into some questions that have come up, and for this I am staying put with them. Thankful for how willing they have been to help customize my experience and make this app work for my shop!



Thanks so much for your review - we really do appreciate your feedback. I'm really glad the team was able to get the information you needed - this issue affected a very small number of stores, but I am very sorry that you were affected by this.

Please do feel free to reach back out if you need anything else at all - we'll be more than happy to help!