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  • Provides a list of custom status messages that can be assigned per order line item
  • Provides a list of custom HTML emails that can be used to communicate with customers
  • Provides a complete history of order workflow suitable for reporting and analysis

Workflow Management

Many e-commerce shops sell good and services that trigger a sequence of events once an order is paid and received. Some orders need to be moved through various processes and stages, and the customer needs to know these actions are occurring.

Merchants that want to keep track of the status of what is happening with orders, whether they are ready for shipping, in quality control, or whether something has been delaying fulfillment will find this App useful.

Merchants can create and order their lists of various production stages or statuses, and record exactly when each one is assigned to individual line items.

Merchants can choose communicate status changes to customers via email, and most of the attributes of an order are available in the email via the same Liquid as they would use in their Shopify email messages.

Assembler reviews

4 reviews
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This app is exactly what I was looking for! We have a large number of orders that require several steps to fulfillment - figuring out where all of our orders were in the process at any one time was difficult and providing ongoing updates was manual and time consuming! Now Assembler does both for us!

The developer was incredibly patient with my very limited knowledge, was able to troubleshoot our issues, and get the app working perfectly with just a few emails!

Highly recommend if you are looking for something simple to setup, and use that will track status and allow you to keep a customer informed when you have a multi-step order process.


I'd agree with the review below in terms of it being supported by one guy. However, I've found this to be a big positive. This app allows you to display line items. This is very important to me and none of the other apps that offer similar functionality allow you to show line items. Really great support - very happy with this app.


Here's my basic summary: this is the kind of app that's created and supported by an individual. If you need help, you have to call or email the individual directly - there's no help page, no FAQ, no guidance. I did find that the developer was willing to help, but unfortunately I was looking for something that was just a bit more robust and ready for me to implement immediately without emailing back and forth with the developer. Even after a couple of attempts and emails I wasn't able to get this app working properly (first I didn't understand where things would be in Shopify 2 since the video only shows Shopify 1, then once the developer helped me find that I was still having trouble with the web hook only importing some of my open orders, not all of them). I feel confident that if I'd had the patience the developer could have helped me through it and we would have gotten it working. However, in the meantime I found another solution that worked right away and went with that instead. I definitely think some people prefer this direct interaction with the developer; I myself was looking for something else in an app (though the app FUNCTIONALITY was just what I wanted...)


We have been using Assembler to process all of our orders. It's not an easy system to manage and we couldn't find the tools anywhere else, and this app is exactly what we are looking for. We are able to track when t-shirts come in, when they go out to customers, and customize our notifications to them. Definitely worth it!

$20.00 / month
7 days

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