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16 maj 2024

We use this app only 1-2 times a year and every time we open the app, it always does not work. Very disappointed.

Ungefär 2 år användning av appen
Assisty svarade 18 maj 2024

Thank for your review.
I’m Steve, the founder of Assisty. I apologize for the issues you’ve experienced with our app.
I understand that you’ve encountered problems with data synchronization on the free plan. Please reinstall our app. I assure you that we will do everything possible to ensure you can use our app to get the data you need.

14 maj 2024

Not only are the developers incredibly helpful, but the tool is itself is incredibly valuable. The robust nature of the application gives store owners the ability to create actionable insights, along with detailed reporting and customizable dashboards. Anyone who is looking for a stronger platform to turn data into BI, this app rises to the top. There is enough here to be serviceable for a power user, but also enough visualizations options to make the data consumable by business users as well.

Highly recommend using, start with baby steps and slowly customize to meet your decision making needs, then you'll have a power bi tool at your disposal for a fraction of the cost.

Peaky Hat
Ungefär en månad användning av appen
20 maj 2024

Very Happy with the service you get with this app. I can easily customize reports to make sure i can get all the data i need in the format that works for our bushiness.

6 månader användning av appen
16 april 2024

impressive client support. you can tell they are trying to make this app better and better!
this is exactly what i am looking for my business.

little Mountain Vancouver
6 månader användning av appen
29 februari 2024

It's a really nice app to have when you need to analize your products, it has plenty of reports and the personalization you can make to any of them helps tons to clean the info and to process. Plus the customer service is really good, I noticed a bug and Steve helped me fixing it in a couple minutes.

6 månader användning av appen
19 april 2024

Support team is amazing! The app has a ton of great data, once you learn how to use it, it's invaluable. :)

Conscious Step Wholesale
2 månader användning av appen
8 april 2024

The AI Inventory Management Report makes keeping track of stock easy with its smart technology. It helps businesses manage their inventory better by giving clear insights and suggestions. Very recommended

6 dagar användning av appen
11 mars 2024

I was a little uncertain of how to set some things up so I booked a live demo with Darius and he explained everything perfectly.

Fantastic support and very promising features of the app - I am excited to start using it!


Ungefär 2 månader användning av appen
9 februari 2024

It was fine, though not super user friendly, until they took away exporting. Now I'll be looking for another option.

Maritime Gloucester
11 månader användning av appen
Assisty svarade 10 februari 2024

Maritime Gloucester,
We truly regret any inconvenience our recent policy changes may have caused you. Understanding your concerns, we are more than happy to provide access to the export feature as it was previously available. To avail of this, kindly reinstall the app at your earliest convenience. Once done, please do not hesitate to reach out to us. We are here to ensure your satisfaction and look forward to hearing from you.

Warm regards,
Assisty Team

29 april 2024

We had some problems getting the data into the app. That was solved within a couple of hours. Great support and as far as we can see for now (as we're having the app for 1 day yet), the app will be of great help for us.

En dag användning av appen