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28 juni 2022

This app is great for identifying the top selling products in my webstore. Very easy to use and informative

Korea Cosmetics BN
Ungefär en timme användning av appen
15 juli 2022

I found Liz from Assisty very helpful and the app gave the exact report I needed in seconds without the need to upgrade my shopify subscription.

Ungefär en timme användning av appen
8 september 2022

Great App, and great support team as well. Thank you Prakash! It definitely makes looking at everything I need so much easier.

Blue to Gold Store
Ungefär en timme användning av appen
21 juni 2022

Incredibly impressed with the support and setup. The reports are just what I was looking for, and Alex was very helpful explaining how to get the most out of the reports. Well done

The Self Styler
43 minuter användning av appen
13 juli 2022

Very good support by Candice, they helped me with setting up the app. Lots of detailed reports to meet every need.
36 minuter användning av appen
4 juli 2022

Great way to export inventory value but product variant. Customer service was quick and efficient. Thanks Hana for your help!

27 minuter användning av appen
Redigerat 1 februari 2023

Just downloaded the app and found it to be initially difficult to grok. But up popped Sophie in the chat and she talked me through it all. During that experience, I realized how useful the app is, and how weird it is that Shopify doesn't offer something like this as part of their normal service. So I'm very appreciative for this app, and for Sophie!

The Mike Keneally Store
Ungefär 9 timmar användning av appen
5 oktober 2022

Fantastic reporting app, has a comprehensive list of any report you may need. Support is really fast and helpful also!

18 minuter användning av appen
3 oktober 2022

I needed to enable one of the advanced reports which took less than a few minutes. They were very responsive and helpful.

17 minuter användning av appen
6 juni 2023

I don't use this program, I deleted it and they still take the money!!! solve this problem and refund me !!!!

Wenetto Shoes
15 minuter användning av appen
Assisty svarade 6 juni 2023

Thank you for informing us. I have already processed the refund. We hope that you will be able to utilize our app in the days to come.