#1 Sales and Inventory Reports

#1 Sales and Inventory Reports

da Assisty

Stock Alert, Low Stock, Dead Stock, Inventory & Sales Reports

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Effortless Reporting

Getting the correct data from Shopify could be time-consuming and inefficient. With Assisty, you can get any custom report within 1 minute

Real-Time Alerts

Like a real assistant, Assisty sends reports to you in a private message, in a channel, or even via email at the exact time you scheduled.

Simple Format & Faster Answers

Assisty uses a short and clear report like a 255-length-SMS message. So, It's straightforward to talk about a measure of your business.

Sobre #1 Sales and Inventory Reports

Assisty puts the data in the hands of your staff, and they can get any custom reports within a minute.

Main Features

  • Everyone can ask any questions then Assisty answer them in real-time like a person who knows everything about your business.
  • Collaborate with your team: you ask Assisty in a team channel and all members can see the same report, at the same time.
  • Realtime alerts: Assisty alerts you to any changes in the data automatically. And you also can schedule a report insight the chat, and Assisty always send the reports for you on time.
  • Answering questions about business metrics from Sales Reports, Inventory Reports, Replenishment Reports, Customer Reports, Fulfillment Reports, payment reports, tax reports

How Assisty bot streamlines workflows

  • Business insights: sales vs profits over time
  • Product performance: sales trends, slow-moving stock, stock value, inventory on-hands
  • Executive summaries: sales summary, top-selling products, best selling categories
  • Real-time Business KPI Monitoring: notified low stock products, warning out of stock products, warning a product drop in sales.

Inventory Reports

  • Dead Stock Reports
  • Slow Stock Reports
  • Stock Value reports
  • Transfer Stock Reports
  • Track inventory levels
  • Restock alerts
  • Overstock Reports
  • Aged Stock, Aging Stock Reports
  • Stock quantity per store Reports
  • Stock quantity per product Reports
  • Stock quantity per sku Reports
  • Slow-moving stock Reports
  • Top Aging stock Reports
  • Stock Reports
  • Sell through reports
  • Stock Alert
  • Stock on-hand
  • Inventory management
  • Out stock reports
  • Out Of Stock Notification

Fulfill Orders - Fulfillment Reports

  • Fulfill orders
  • Track orders
  • Track items pending fulfillment
  • Track the ready to fulfill orders
  • Track Order history
  • Order Tracking
  • Shipping Tracking
  • Shipping Reports
  • Shipping label reports

Sales Reports & Sales Analytics

  • track best-selling vendors
  • track best-selling collections
  • sales per pos location reports
  • Sales per collections Reports
  • Sales per vendors Reports
  • Sales per customers Reports

Product Reports & Product Analytics

  • track best-selling products
  • Sales per products Reports
  • Sales per sku reports

payment reports

  • Sales per payment reports
  • Bank deposit reconciliation
  • Paypal Tracking

Replenishment Suggest Reports

  • Items to purchase
  • Replenishment Summary
  • Items to purchase of vendor
  • Items to purchase of category

Tax Reports

  • Tax Reports by Country
  • Tax Reports by Products
  • Tax Reports by Tax Rate

POS Reports & POS Analytics

  • POS Transaction reports
  • POS Cash Payment Reports
  • POS Location Reports
  • Staff Reports

Store Analytics

  • Sales per Store Location

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Rod's Fruit and Veg

this is the best app literally invented, its easy and relevant to everything that i needed and not to mention the amazing support you recieve from the crew.Steve was great for us and always happy to assist us in using the app more and more each day in a way that helps us.
these guys really deserve the praise.thanks alot


Very good idea to get real time reports! It is super fitted with all my needs. Thank Assisty a lot!!


This app is great! It has potential but other features still doesn't work. I can't wait to see this app with all working features! and Support are very friendly

Resposta do desenvolvedor

6 de julho de 2021

Thank you so much because you share the same vision with us about the totally new way to get and track the business metric of the Shopify store.