Astroselling LLC

Publish and synchronize your products in Mercado Libre

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Synchronize stock

Never again sell an item that you don't have stock, astroselling will update and pause your Mercado Libre publications automatically.

Synchronize prices

Keep Mercado Libre prices updated by synchronizing from Shopify. Apply promotions and special discounts automatically

As many products as you need

With Astroselling you can link all the products you want, from all your Mercado Libre stores.

Astroselling 정보

Synchronize your products to Mercado Libre

We know that the management of the various digital channels for the sale of your products consumes a lot of time. We know that the inconsistency of prices or availability of stock between the different channels undermines your reputation and goes against the omni-channel to which all sellers point (or should point).

That's why we develop Astroselling

With Astroselling you can keep all your products always updated, automatically, with zero management.

Our platform will be responsible for detecting any changes in prices, stock or availability of your products and will automatically replicate them in Mercado Libre.

Intuitive and simple to use interface will allow you to associate your Mercado Libre account in order to have access to all publications.

Then, from the product editing section of your Shopify panel you will have enabled a new action: "Associate with Mercado Libre publication". There you can select the publication to synchronize. From there, we will take care;)

You can synchronize as many publications as you want, from as many Mercado Libre stores as you need, there are no limits!

Start now, automate your tasks and spend your time selling more

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