Use Neurotypography to boost your revenue!

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More purchases

Customers are significantly more likely to make a purchase after Asym is applied to product descriptions.

More sales and revenue

Asymmetrica's Shopify clients receive significant increases in purchases and revenue.

Easy install, proven results

No coding or template editing needed—installing the Asym app is all it takes to get proven results for your shop.

Acerca de Asym

Make your shop's story more persuasive

Asym works by optimizing key micro-elements on your site. We make subtle changes in whitespace to direct readers' eyes to important sections of text. We don't remove spacing or change the design or content – we simply adjust the spaces between words to match how our brains read.

For the first time, content can be shown in a way that allows our brains to process text more easily. Asym helps your content capture readers’ attention and help them remember your brand.

What does this mean for you and your business?

We feel that your store is your story. You pour your heart and identity into the storytelling for your shop and products, and we believe your story deserves focused attention. If the readers on your shop pay more attention and enjoy reading your product descriptions—the story behind your product—they're much more likely to engage with you and your brand. With Asym more of your readers will become customers, making more purchases along the way and increasing your revenue.

And be sure to check out the eCommerce white paper on our site!

Get Started!

  • No Fuss Install: No Asymmetrica account is needed, just install the app and you're all set!

  • Contribute To Reading Success Worldwide: The more everyone uses Asym, the more we can improve everyone's reading.

  • Contact us: We're happy to answer questions and learn more about how we can help your business and your goals.

Want to A/B test Asym?

Asymmetrica now includes free built-in A/B testing using Google Tag Manager and Googla Analytics! You can also run your own A/B tests: temporarily disable Asym within the app, and sign up at to create an account and generate a key for your site. Testing is easy, and full HTML, JS, & JQuery snippets are provided!

More Info About Asymmetrica

The Asym for Shopify app was created by Asymmetrica, founded by a Neuroscientist and an engineer from PayPal, Slide, & Google to increase literacy and reading comprehension on the Internet. Together we've created a technology that helps everyone move past distractions and get straight to understanding and action.

Asymmetrica specializes in providing easy-to-use technology that significantly boosts your users' attention to your content. The fundamentals behind Asym have been studied for over 60 years. Check out more about the science behind Asym at our website.

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  • * Custom integration
  • * Advanced tuning for your brand’s content and your audience’s reading level & history.

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We are so delighted to be using Asym! It's amazing that changing the read-ability of the spacing between words on a site can have such a huge impact on sales. We have tried many apps that promise to deliver an uptick in sales - Asym is the only one that has truly delivered on that promise. The customer service is also incredible - very hands-on and user-friendly.