Atlas ‑ Help Center / FAQ

Atlas ‑ Help Center / FAQ


Professional customer support pages & quick access widget.

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SEO & easy access

SEO pages & quick access through Atlas launcher widget across your storefront

Accessible information 

Reduce your support volume and increase satisfaction with a 24/7 self-serve help center


Track customer satisfaction and visits for each article, identify where you can improve

有關 Atlas ‑ Help Center / FAQ


Atlas - Help Center makes it easy to create a self-serve online library of information about products, services, or different topics like shipping, returns, payment methods, frequently asked questions, and such.

Deep linking & SEO support

Truly indexable pages, Atlas supports deep linking, more you can edit each article and category slug. Ex: your-shop/help-center/category-slug/article-slug. 

The Launcher

Atlas Launcher is a "messenger like" widget that shows within all your store pages for quick access. The launcher is highly customizable through settings and custom CSS, also supports advanced usage.

If you’d like the Launcher to open from a specific button, link, or element in your website, you can create a custom trigger-element. For example, you can trigger the Launcher to open when a customer clicks on a "Shiping info" button and also load the shipping category's content.

Look & Feel

Atlas pages will inherit most of the styles from your shop's theme, we've developed two help center themes that you can choose from, you can add additional custom CSS styles from within the app's settings. Need assistance with custom styling? Don't hesitate to contact us.


Built-in search for titles and small descriptions with text-score results and custom search result page are implemented within all Atlas pages.


Track customer satisfaction and visits for each article, identify where you can improve.


Atlas supports short descriptions for both categories and articles. Titles and short descriptions effectively summarize concepts and ideas. People can easily navigate through content pages and find what they are looking for.

Other features

There are other features that you might find useful: edit all the storefront labels, popular articles widget, recently viewed widget, custom CSS for both the store pages and the launcher, custom code (liquid is also possible, integrate with third-party services, for example, you can embed a Mailchimp form), advanced editor (support for image upload, embedded videos).

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Phrozen Technology

Probably one of the best FAQ you can find on the internet, only three things that need improvement: 1. Posts can't embed youtube videos.
2. No in article search, can only search for post titles.
3. No HTML edits in posts.