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Product reviews with photos & videos, build trust, boost sales

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Collect Product Reviews Easily

Easily import unlimited photo & video reviews from AliExpress, Amazon, or CSV files in few clicks.

Show Star Ratings and Reviews

Improve customer trust by verifying for product reviews, photos or videos and showing review stars in Google search(rich snippets).

Send Unlimited Review Requests

Send automatic customizable emails to collect product reviews. The emails arrive at your customers at the right time to improve conversion.

À propos de Atomee Product Reviews

Why do we need Atomee review APP?

Nowadays, the vast majority of consumers will meet their own needs through online shopping, and learn about products through online comments, so as to make purchase decisions and find more potential customers. Atomee App can help you easily get product reviews on the Amazon platform. This will definitely help you quickly establish social recognition, increase customer trust and increase sales.

Atomee Product Reviews is awesomely optimized for your store, our advanced technology ensures that our review app does not affect your page load speed at all. And the review app opens very fast, meets any needs.

Multiple ways to import product reviews

  • Collect reviews with photos/videos.
  • Import limitless reviews from major markets such as Aliexpress, Amazon to your store in few clicks.
  • Upload CSV files to import unlimited reviews.

SEO Rich Snippets and verified reviews to earn the trust

  • Google Rich Snippets ( product ratings and stars marked-up in Google search ) to make reviews stand out in search results.
  • Real shopper verified reviews to reveal that the user is real or not.

Powerful and easy review request email to improve conversion

  • Product review, photo review, and video review requests.
  • Automatic request emails: schedule by delivery time or order status to make sure emails reach customers at the right timing.
  • Highly customizable fantastic email templates: style each object from the theme, logo, email subject, text color, font size, button style.

Product reviews management

  • The dashboard displays real-time reports.
  • Display unlimited product reviews for each product.
  • Provide modernized themes for displaying reviews.
  • Submit a review, photo, or video.
  • Import and edit reviews, photos, and videos.
  • Verify reviews to increase customer's trust in your product.
  • Hide or delete irrelevant or negative reviews.
  • Product support: if you have any questions about our app, please contact us at any time.

How Will Shoppers enjoy this app?

Easily and Fast: Easily import reviews from Amazon and AliExpress with one step. Enhance more confidence: Value product with product images & videos. Catch customer eyes: Show review star rating on collection page and product page.

How to Get Started?

Our application is easy to install and can import all product reviews according to your requirements. No matter what needs and plans you have, you can always contact us by email, and our team will ensure your experience in using Atomee product reviews!

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  • Product review&rating widget
  • Unlimited reviews
  • 50 monthly reviews request emails
  • Import from Aliexpress&CSV
  • Change themes
  • Google snippet


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  • Free plan's features
  • Unlimited reviews&request emails
  • Import from Amazon&Aliexpress&CSV
  • Photos&videos
  • Advanced customization
  • No branding

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Avis les plus récents

Atomee is good to use and they also have excellent customer services.They were also able to help me quickly and accurately when I encountered some code problems. Thank you guys!


The upgrade is very timely, I have used loox and ali reviews, compared to them atomee is more flexible, simpler and more cost-effective, I hope to keep the update frequency.


Great app for reviews and great service thank you! Tried many other review companies and this one always seems to work the best