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Auctionhouse App

Auctionhouse App

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The Power of Auctioning...


  • Lets you find a good price one-of-a-kind items

  • Lets you release limited editions, signed copies, and other collectibles

  • Can give you a revenue boost and help you find pricing early on

  • Can help you unload one-off goods without thinking

  • Makes you money

  • Gets your community engaged and invested
  • ...Right From Your Shopify Store!

    The Shopify Auction App brings you...

  • Easy integration

  • Create a new auction in only 3 clicks

  • One easy flat fee -- save a huge amount over outside platforms

  • Control the look and feel of your store -- no worries about buyers getting distracted by a large auction site and clicking away from your goods
  • Features

  • Turn any product into an auction

  • Receive bids in your inbox

  • Verify and reject bids easily

  • A bidder's credit card is authorized when they bid, so you know they have funds available

  • Set minimum pricing

  • Fast and painless integration

  • Get up and running in just 3 minutes and 21 seconds
  • The fact is, auctioning can benefit almost any store. You can throw a one-of-a-kind or limited edition up to see if people buy, put a unique package together, or even offer consulting or a Skype call with your product and see what your community bids!

    It's a great way to raise some short-term cash, to discover what people are willing to pay, and some shopowners find it to become an invaluable part of their business. We have free tutorials on the site and ideas on how to make more, and you can get running in minutes! Give it a try today.

$8.99 / month
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