Audience Push to Facebook

Audience Push to Facebook

af Audience Push

Automate syncing customer data to Facebook Custom Audiences

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FB Audience on Autopilot

Audience Push will AUTOMATICALLY AND IN REAL TIME, update your Facebook Custom Audiences. Sit back and let us do the HEAVY LIFTING.

Capture 20% More Customers

OPTIMIZE YOUR FB PIXEL by capturing the 1-in-5 customers lost to ad-blockers and private browsing. Complete CROSS-BROWSER-TARGETING.

Set Up in Minutes & Save Hours

Easily create ACTION-BASED RULES in minutes to automatically ADD & REMOVE contacts from Shopify to Facebook Custom Audience.

Om Audience Push to Facebook

Put Your Facebook Audiences on Auto-Pilot!

What does it do?

This app is designed to make your life just a whole lot easier by taking some work off your plate each day by doing something that you should always be doing anyway; Updating your Facebook custom audiences, all the time!

How does it do it?

Every time there is a phone number or email entered into the checkout, a sale or a customer registration, the contact details are instantly pushed to (and/or pulled out of) a Custom Audience in Facebook

But don't Facebook Pixels do this?

NO, only part of it. If someone is private browsing, not logged into Facebook, or the biggest issue is the 1 in 5 people that use Ad blockers - then you lose them. This guarantees a perfect match with email and phone numbers.

Across our customer base we see more people added to an audience using Audience Push compared to using a pixel. You are literally losing money not using Audience Push.

This is literally the only app that does this. Its crazy, but true!

You setup rules to handle new actions - for example, if a customer purchases from your store, you can add them to a custom audience called Buyers and remove them from one called Abandoned Cart.

What about Cross-Browser-Targeting?

So this is a neat way of doing this - Pixels may only track a mobile user or a desktop user, or an app user. Audience Push actually does the full and complete cross-browser targeting.

Setting it up is super Eaaaaasy!

STEP 1: After you install the app you'll click one button to connect to your Facebook account and away you go.

STEP 2: Next you select which ad account(s) you want to work with

STEP 3: You add Pushes of your audience to the Custom Audiences that you choose in your add accounts.

You can setup an unlimited amount of push rules to different advertising accounts you manage in Facebook

Still not easy enough? OK! We will configure it for you! install the app and then follow these steps and we will configure it for you FOR FREE!

That's it, you're done!

You NEVER need to touch the app again, it will run in the background instantly and forever!! Now go focus on your business and let this app take care of your custom audiences!

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Seneste anmeldelser

Indian Face

Looks good app but for any reason the synchronization is not well done. I have made a custom audience of my ready customers but Facebook says that the list is shorter than 20 persons and can not be used. Of course the customers are not 20 or lower... Hope it be solved.

Also i hope they work in the possibility of make audiences with more filters like "customers that have made an order more than 5 months ago" or similar.


Ripping app - its now in my list of top 5 apps - if you use Facebook ads, then you are literally losing money on ads and customers because of poor targeting - unless you use this app to auto update your FB custom audiences.


Excellent app and the support is AWESOME. Went above and beyond in helping us gain a understanding of setting up our lists to build custom and look alike audiences. Highly recommended!