Audiens: Customer Segmentation

Audiens: Customer Segmentation

av Audiens

Optimise your marketing to drive repeat orders & increase LTV

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Track VIP customer behaviour

Capture the important customer activities in your store, including abandoned carts, orders, checkout steps. Easily import historic data.

Get precise customer segments

Build powerful customer segments from your Shopify store data. Focus on the right customers to drive repeat purchases.

Run campaigns that boost LTV

Use your new segments to power email and retargeting campaigns that convert across the entire customer journey.

Om Audiens: Customer Segmentation

Audiens helps ecommerce teams increase their customer retention. Focus on the right customers to drive repeat purchases, boost AOV, and increase lifetime value.

Accurately segment customers to deliver targeted messaging across all your marketing campaigns, and get clear reports to show your team - all safe in the knowledge that your data never leaves Europe.

Segments and suggested actions include:

  • Cart abandoners (and reminders to return and buy)
  • High spenders (with recommended upsell deals)
  • Visitors without orders (and suggestions based on browsing)
  • Repeat spenders (with deals on their regular purchases)
  • Lapsed customers (with offers to return)

What you get:

  • Detailed customer segments for your favourite marketing tools, to send emails and retargeting campaigns that actually convert.
  • RFM data models for your CRM to drive repeat orders.
  • A unified single customer view to learn which marketing channels really work.
  • Import of your historic store data so you can get started quickly.
  • Start small and build up your integrations. Don't waste time on big expensive IT projects.

Integrerar med

  • Google,
  • Facebook,
  • Amazon DSP,
  • DV360,
  • Xandr,
  • Mailchimp



Quick Start


  • 10,000 Customers/Prospects
  • Shopify and Web
  • 3 audiences
  • 2 channels (Google, Facebook)
  • Email support



  • 50,000 Customers/Prospects
  • Shopify, Web, and, App
  • 10 audiences
  • Unlimited Channels
  • Email support



  • 500,000 Customers/Prospects
  • Shopify, Web, App and, offline data import
  • 100 audiences
  • Unlimited Channels
  • Email support
  • Customer success

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