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5. Juli 2024

Was charged with no notice or warning of going over the free threshold.
Could not re-sync my inventory from Shopify after initial setup.
Support queries often went unanswered or required multiple follow-ups.
Escalating issues or concerns only resulted in defences instead of acknowledgement.
Was called a liar in their Discourse forum, and when I proved that I was not lying the thread was deleted.
Tried to setup a new account to test the billing issue and re-try from scratch but had my account immediately terminated.
The platform does appear to be really good, but only if it's an exact fit for your needs, as support processes and transparency appear quite lacking.

Platima Tinkers Shop
Etwa ein monat mit der App
23. Juli 2020

Great app with great support! Generates accurate AusPost rates and makes bulk importing to MyPost simple and easy. Can't get much better for a free app!

El Cielo
11 monate mit der App
21. Februar 2020

This app is exactly what we needed! We wanted to be able to export addresses for import in My Post Business while using our own standard shipping rates. This app fits the bill perfectly.

3 monate mit der App
29. März 2020

This is a great app for getting lots of data from orders into your My Post Business account easily. It worked really well for what I needed at the moment and so fantastic that it is free!
The support team are genuinely really great to deal with. My only feedback was some quick instructions on how to navigate the installation and use the app. But overall couldn't recommend it more.

Noble Kind
Etwa 2 monate mit der App
11. September 2021

Seems to support International but I couldn't get it working correctly which was a deal breaker. Reached out for support but seems the very emphatic offer to help for something free has expired. Shame as the domestic stuff works from my testing.

11 monate mit der App
16. März 2021

This app has saved me hours of time! I highly recommend using this app. It is easy to use, and import your orders!

9 tage mit der App
28. August 2021

This is exactly what Shopify has needed. Shows you the shipping method chosen, automatically selects the needed service using rules. Thanks for a great app

Dizzy Dog Collars
2 tage mit der App
Bearbeitet am 21. Februar 2021

When I reached out with a few questions I got this response: I'm sorry. We're no longer providing unpaid consulting. You can purchase an hour of Marcus' time here:
or contact another paid Shopify Expert here: I'm rating them down in this review because to offer a free app then charge for some basic answers to enquiries about the app (where they have almost no documentation I can refer to or use) is really poor practice. You should not offer an app, without providing at least some support for it. Functionally it seems to fit some of my needs, but the above experience has really soured me off using this app. *edit* after getting the above message they got in touch and answered my questions, I don't know I they saw the review or not before doing this.

Behold Games
29 tage mit der App
7. November 2020

Brilliant. Honestly, we were tearing our hair out before we discovered this wonderful (FREE!!!) app. Simple to use, highly effective - absolutely brilliant, thank you

Etwa 22 stunden mit der App
5. Mai 2020

IT WORKS!!! Oh my lord this is an amazing app for businesses that can't afford apps that automatically generate labels, but do have enough orders to warrant using bulk import through MyPost business. It exports your orders into a perfectly compatible file for bulk import in MyPost. No more exporting a CSV that needs meticulous editing to work within MyPost. THANK YOU you have made my life so much easier!

20 minuten mit der App