Australia Post eParcel Rates

Australia Post eParcel Rates

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Australia Post eParcel Shipping Calculated Rates

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Calculated shipping rates

Show calculated Australia Post eParcel shipping rates at checkout. No need to scare local customers with high flat rates.

Validate Addresses

The app alidates shipping addresses and reminds your customers to put them in right. e.g. suburb not matching postcode will be detected

Configurable extra cost

You can specify extra cost for insurance if you want to cover your shipping based on total value of order items

Over Australia Post eParcel Rates

Get your calculated Australia Post eParcel Shipping Rates for your customers

We run our own shop on Shopify so we understand your pain. Flat shipping rates either scar away customers or make a loss for you if you set shipping rates too low for regional shipping address.

What problems we solve for you with the app?

1. Tailored real time shipping rates give you the edge over your competitors and offer your customers better rates and convert more orders.

The app gets real time shipping rates quoted from your Australia Post eParcel account. Shipping rates are tailored for all customers no matter where they are. In this way, the checkout page shows more attractive rates for local customers without under charging remote inter state customers.

2. The app reminds your customers to correct their shipping addresses.

Though Shopify now allows using "google auto address" for customers validating their shipping address, you may still see a lot of incorrect addresses like below

1 ABC St, Sdyney, NSW 2015 (where Sdyney should be corrected to Alexandra)

2 XYZ St, VIC, VIC 3122 (where first VIC should be corrected to Hawthorn)

We feel the same pain like yours. To you have to keep contacting customers and confirm the addresses, it brings down your operation efficiency. We get it done properly for you. If the suburb doesn't match the postcode, our app will force them to correct it.

3. Configurable insurance and package cost

If you cover all shipping for your customers, you can configure how much extra you want to charge based on total value of all order items. You can also add extra cost to cover your packaging, labor and etc.

4. Sell to other countries to broaden our market coverage.

Are you not selling overseas just because there are too many rates and weights you need to set for various countries?

Are you worried that you set wrong rates and loose money on shipping to overseas customers?

Take it easy, the app does it automatically for you. All rates will be calculated based on your eParcel international rates and shown at the checkout page, for all countries can ship to.

To be eligible for calculated shipping rates, you can

  • subscribe to Basic Shopify Plan Annually or Shopify Plan Annually
    • If calculated shipping rates is not enabled while you are on annual plans, you can contact Shopify Customer Service to enable it manually.
  • subscribe to Advanced Shopify billed either monthly or annually

Please note, the rates are calculated by product weight.

  • Due to Shopify limitation the app cannot calculate rates by dimension as Shopify does not allow to specify dimension for specific products thus no dimensions can be used to calculate shipping rates by weight.

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Beekeeping Gear

It calculates only the item's weight basis, does not support package dimensions. may be suitable for small items but definitely not for the boxed or bulky items.

Antwoord van ontwikkelaar

23 augustus 2019

Thanks very for your feeback. We have included your concern into our app description and other customers can be aware of the limit.

The limit is due to shopify's limitation that no dimension can be specified for products therefore no shipping rates can be calculated by dimensions. However, if the eParcel account has a cubic factor factored in, a work around is to specify the adjusted weight for products.

Englaon Australia

We've used the App for a couple of months now and all working fine. Bit of a set up with AusPost back and forth setting up the system with their developer team but step by step u get there. Support is fast to help but sometimes communication is a problem so be very very clear with what you are asking. Overall 5 stars for the App, it does what it say it does with no hassle after set up & the developers are nice & helpful.