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29. april 2024

I would suggest only using the Lite plan of this app. We've been using it for a couple of years for shipping rates at checkout and it was all good until recently we tried upgrading to the Basic plan. The "ETA shown with shipping rates" feature doesn't work quite well for international orders - it shows longer time than Australia Post's website.
Another big problem we had was updating packagings. Our shipping rates were down for a day on a weekend so I had to email the support team and waited till Monday - yes, their app is handling such an important step of online shopping and it charges quite a lot but they are not 24/7, not even supporting you on weekends. After their response I realised there's a really CRITICAL thing that you should always set up a packaging for customer checkout and it has to be "your own packaging" with clear dimensions of L/W/H, otherwise no shipping rates will show at checkout. We took a lot of efforts to finally figure out the details not mentioned for making shipping rates work, however this is not clearly stated in instructions!
All these frustrating things we had made us downgrade back to the cheapest one...

Future Fusion Online
Nesten 4 år bruker appen
7. mars 2024

Regrettably, our experience with the Addition app has been disappointing, especially considering its cost of 76.85 AUD every 30 days.

Limited Functionality for High-Volume Businesses:
Unable to handle more than 30 orders at a time efficiently, making it unsuitable for businesses looking to scale. You have to manually select each order to use the app. For us that means manually clicking hundreds of orders individually which is annoying and time-consuming.

Manual Order Editing Required:
A significant portion of our orders need manual adjustments due to the app's lack of support for packaging (Aus Post Satchels), manually clicking hundreds of orders individually to update the packaging which is annoying and time-consuming.

No Timely Updates:
Despite reporting these issues months and months ago, the response has been lackluster with no clear resolution in sight. Only 'workarounds' that are incorrect and again having to edit each order through the address, packaging and fulfilment step.

Final Thoughts:
Given these substantial limitations and the time-consuming nature of its use, Addition does not meet the our needs. While support is fast, the investment does not match the return, making it an impractical choice. Looking for an alternative app.

5 måneder bruker appen
1. november 2023

No good for epracel and too many server time outs. In addition, if you have a partial order fulfilment you have to create it's own manifest which wastes a huge amount of time, especially if you have a few to do for that day.

We have a huge number of SKU's and in this app you are prompted to fill all the measurements and weights in. We did this. However, the package sizes do not automate (what was the point of entering all those measurements?). You can only create shipping rules for packages based on weight which is flawed.

Most appallingly, the weights calculated for the postage don't even match the weights you have entered for each sku and packaging. They are way off.

We have spent a huge amount of time migrating to this app to find it doesn't do what it claims. For the price I expected much better.

This app has a long way to go.

Lash and Brow Supplies
3 måneder bruker appen
Redigert 27. oktober 2023

We have been using Addition for a few months now, it took a little while for the team to get used to it, the team has rapidly implement feedback including address validations and show us how to best use the app. However every month the billing is a problem and they put a help us serve you better to the ops team stopping us from shipping orders has gone down since AMP bought it.

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