Auto Alt Text

Auto Alt Text


Automatically add and optimize all your product image alt text

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Auto Alt Text will analyze all your product images and provide you a list of images that need alt text optimization.

Save time

Save hours manually inputting alt text for your product photos so you can focus on growing your store.

Optimize images for SEO

Get your product images ranked better on search engines. Let your photos do the work for you!

Auto Alt Text 정보

What is Alt Text?

Alt Text, a.ka. Alt Tag or Alt Attribute is an HTML attribute applied to images you upload in your online store. It provides alternative text to help search engines identify what your image is about.

Search engines cannot interpret images. Instead, they rely on Alt Text to understand what the images on your Shopify store are. By adding optimized alt text on your product images, it helps your product pages get indexed and ranked better in various search engines, like Google.

How can Auto Alt Text help you?

Auto Alt Text app will automatically add and/or update all your product images’ alt text based on the format you set in just a matter of minutes.

With our app, you no longer have to spend hours manually updating your product photos’ alt tags. In just a few clicks, you will get optimized alt text that will help boost your search engine rankings.

Auto Alt Text also uses Google AI to identify the color of your products.

How to use Altius?

  • Step 1 - Install the app

Click ‘Add App’ and will automatically analyze your store for you. Take advantage of our 7-day free trial and optimize your image alt text.

  • Step 2 - Review and configure

After analyzing your store, you’ll get an overview of all your images’ alt text and which ones need optimization.

Configure your alt text format with easy to use variables. Choose from ready to use variables such as:

  • Product Title
  • Variant Title
  • Filename
  • Product Type
  • Vendor

  • Step 3 - Optimize your images

OPTIMIZE! With a click of a button, we’ll optimize all your product images’ alt text based on the format you set. Sit tight. Do other tasks while we do the work for YOU.

You can restore your images’ original alt text anytime.

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  • For new entrepreneurs who are on the Shopify Basic plan and want to get started ranking on search engines through image alt text.



  • For Shopify plan entrepreneurs who want to save time while getting better search engine rankings through image alt text.



  • For Shopify Advanced merchants who need to handle large volumes of images and rank higher on search engines through image alt text.



  • For Shopify Plus merchants who need to handle extra large volumes of images and rank higher on search engines through image alt text.

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RJ's Trains

For every picture only website The app "Auto Alt Text" has created a proper name for it so it can now be a searchable. I was taught that the internet can't see the picture. but it can read text on the picture. Yippie! Better Search results.

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2021년 3월 28일

Thank you for taking the time to leave a review! Glad our app could help. Feel free to reach out if we can help you with anything else. 😁