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Auto Fulfill by Estore Automate

Auto Fulfill by Estore Automate

Developed by Estore Automate

11 reviews
Price: Free – $30.00 / month More info
  • Reclaim hours lost to updating Tracking and Fulfilling orders manually.
  • Eliminate data entry errors by automating Order fulfillment.
  • Reduce endless emails between you and your Vendor (Dropship Shipping partner).

See Auto Fulfill in action ==>

Autofulfill will help increase fulfillment time by 50% and save nearly 90% of time and cost involved in order fulfillment.

Autofulfill can help you if you have one of the below issues:

  1. You work with multiple vendors (suppliers or shipping partners) and each new order has increased your work load.

  2. You spend hours each month trying to - identify the right vendor for each order, split the order and then send the order information by email.

  3. You receive tracking numbers by email from vendors and manually fulfill each order.

  4. You spend money on Virtual assistants for manual data entry work.

  5. You spend precious time on emails to vendors about order status or delivery status.

Auto Fulfill can automate this work and save you time and money.

What happens after a Dropship Merchant receives an Order?

  1. Manually identify the Vendor (Supplier or Shipping partner), split the order and send the orders related to the Vendor by email in a spreadsheet.


    Auto Fulfill will automatically identify the right vendor and split the order. It will instantly send the order information and notify the right vendor.

  2. Vendor will send the tracking numbers to you by email in a spreadsheet.


    Vendor will enter the Tracking number in a simple Auto Fulfill page that shows unfulfilled orders. See the video here and share it with your vendor or shipping partner.

  3. If any delay in shipping, he will send additional emails.


    Vendor can enter the comments on an order and you will be notified of delays or stock-out issues.

  4. You will enter tracking numbers for each order in Shopify or outsource to a VA (Virtual assistant).


    Automated by Auto Fulfill saving you time and money.

  5. You will need to mark the order as fulfilled in Shopify.


    Auto Fulfill will do this without human intervention.

  6. You will follow up by email with vendor on delayed orders.


    Communication simplified through Auto Fulfill.

You receive an Order...Auto Fulfill takes care of the rest!!

This is how Autofulfill works:

  1. Link each product to a specific vendor. This step is a one-time setup. You can select and link each product to a specific vendor by product name, product ID, vendor name, SKU, order tag, customer tag, product tag, and many other custom conditions.

  2. A permanent link is created for each vendor. Share the permanent link with your vendor.

  3. When an order is placed, Autofulfill will identify the right vendor, split the order and instantly send the order, product and shipping information.

  4. Vendor is notified of pending unfulfilled orders. The link will be used by the vendor to see unfulfilled orders.

  5. Once the order is shipped, the vendor will enter tracking numbers. Vendor can also enter comments on delay in certain orders and bulk upload tracking numbers.

  6. Once, the tracking number is entered by your vendor, the order is fulfilled automatically at time scheduled by you.

  7. The shipment notification is automatically sent to your customer from Shopify.

Below are examples of how online merchants (dropship merchants) are using Autofulfill:

  1. A phone accessories merchant who works with multiple vendors. Each product is assigned to the right vendor. When order is placed, the vendor is notified daily (or immediately) of unfulfilled orders. The vendor enters the tracking number and the order is immediately fulfilled. The merchant has no need of a spreadsheet for fulfillments anymore.

  2. A baby products merchant has 4 vendors. The merchant used to spend time on splitting orders based on vendor and then email each vendor. Also, more time was spent on sending emails for order, receiving tracking numbers and order delays. With Autofulfill, he has reclaimed time lost on emails.

  3. A merchant who sells custom jewelry had delays in fulfilling orders because of vendor delays. With Autofulfill, the merchant is up to date on order status without order status emails falling through the cracks.

  4. A heavy machinery merchant has vendors in different states. When an order is placed from a specific state, then the vendor from that state will ship the order and add tracking number.

  5. A merchant who sells digital downloads does not have to manually fulfill orders anymore. As soon as the order is complete, the order is fulfilled by Autofulfill saving 3 hours each day.

You also have other options to automate your fulfillments:

  1. Google Sheet

  2. Excel file upload and Fulfill

  3. Connect your Shipping Carrier (UPS or Fed-Ex) account.

For more Videos and FAQ’s please visit Auto Fulfill website

Try out Auto Fulfill today!! The first 50 fulfillments in a month are always free!!

If you need help, our 24/7 Live Chat specialists will help setup Autofulfill in minutes.


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Auto Fulfill by Estore Automate reviews

11 reviews
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Amazing customer service. I have been working with them for the past few days fixing order specifics that we needed for fulfilling our orders and I am really grateful for their urgency and customer support. Thank you for everything!


I got the help I needed, in record time. Customer support was very patient and went above and beyond.


Just what I needed! It helps so much if you have multiple vendors


Awesome app, fullfil orders with ease, and the customer support is amazing!


Honestly the best app for fulfilling orders and the customer service is phenomenal. A+++ and I highly recommend it.


Not only does this app fill a critical need, it also makes you the merchant look like a pro to your suppliers. User support has been exemplary through the Shopify interface. The developer even made an 'on the fly' improvement based on our needs/feedback. What a find!


This product is awesome for anyone that needs to fulfill their orders when you have multiple suppliers. I haven't found any product able to do it so easily and with such a great experience.

Customer support is awesome as well. They helped me every step of the way and were available whenever i needed them.


I'm so excited about this app. It's going to save me so much time and allow me to focus on marketing the business vs. managing tracking codes and fulfillment. The customer service for this app is outstanding!

I have a complex store with several variant options so I need to use the Product Options by Bold app to manage all the options. The customer service for this app was able to sync the options up to my status page from this other app! I'm so excited and would have give this app a 100 star review if I could. :)


This is the app I've been looking for. I have 'custom' vendors. Print shops that do very specific types of printing on demand. They don't have their own apps, they're small vendors located all over the country who fulfill very specific orders. Until I found AutoFulFill, I was sending spreadsheets back and forth on Google Docs. Autofulfill is great for me. And their support, like Shopify, is available 24/7.

Thanks Guys!


Awesome app. Save time to fulfill so many orders.
And thanks for the quickly customer support.

Free – $30.00 / month

Free Forever - First 50 orders each month
$10 - Fulfill up to 500 orders a month
$20 - Fulfill up to 1.000 orders a month
$30 - Fulfill up to 2,000 orders a month
Custom - For more than 2,000 orders a month

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