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Redigerat 16 september 2021

Edit: Well it use to be free...I had to reinstall it since I changed my theme...went to reinstall and it is not free any more so I need to take stars away since I have to go find a new one. I don't mind paying a small fee a month but overall $8.99 per month is NOT worth it. awesome app! easy set up and customer service is awesome! Plus it is the best free one! Even better than some of the paid ones so GREAT Job!

Royal Diamond Painting
11 månader användning av appen
18 november 2020

I installed this app because I was impressed by all 5* reviews. At first it worked fine, A few days ago a friend in Kyiv wanted to browse my site so, for the first time in several weeks I decided to view the actual site, not the Shopify admin.
I was horrified to discover that the converted price was 100 times the actual price. And to make matters worse, I have no idea how long this has been going on.
I have emailed twice for support and I have had no response and not even an acknowledgement of my email.
I will now be deleting the app and looking for a replacement.

St. John & Dolly Smith's Pickles
5 månader användning av appen
Conversion Bear svarade 18 november 2020

Hi there,
The issue was not caused by our app, but by the language selector running in your store.

The languages widget is "translating" all of the price elements after they are converted, causing the price elements to inflate as it failed to detect the correct currency formatting.

This information was shared by our tech team through multiple emails that we sent to your Shopify admin registered email address. You might want to check your inbox (and possibly your spam folder) to see our responses.

I'm not sure when and how the languages app was added and messed up prices in the store that resulted in inflated prices as our Auto Currency app is running in your store since early July.

We have a record of all other correspondences from our team on 18th and 16th of Nov if you want to revisit the technical information we shared regarding your specific setup.

You can also follow up with our tech team directly:

We reply to all inquiries within 24h or less.
Yes, even on weekends.

I hope over 515 five star reviews will testify to the level of service we're delivering across all of our apps, whether they are paid or free to use.


10 maj 2020

This app is too much slow when you reload the page , i already informed the app management name of lynda but she did not response, i really disappointed , even i would to inform about this issue to shopify.

5 dagar användning av appen
Conversion Bear svarade 10 maj 2020

Dear Abu Bakkar,
The app is loaded after the entire site is loaded.
It has no impact at all on your site overall loading speed.

It works this way because we are do not change or add code to your theme.

☝️ We do not inject any code to your theme files to avoid leaving dead code in case you uninstall.
We rather stay risk free and avoid leaving messy themes behind.

As per the lack of response claim - I'm surprised you feel this way.

You granted us with staff access and we even set up the app for you.
We exchanged 26 emails answering every question you had.

Was it our refusal to change your store's payment platform that got you upset?

I apologise, but we can not change merchants payment platform settings.
That's a task that is too risky and private for us to do on your behalf.

Our team goes above and beyond for every business owner, as we are business owners ourselves.

I think over 200 five star reviews would testify to that.

Let me know if there's anything else we can do for you.
Our team is at your service.

Best regards,
Co-Founder @ Conversion Bear

18 april 2020

I tried to set up the app, followed their guide video and written and the button to enable the app never worked. I tried to reach out to support but only got the same guide sent back to me again. Not a great experience to have spent this time playing around with my currencies and trying to make this setup work. I highly recommend that this app work on a easier setup or better guide... I was happy cause it was free but it doesn't work for me.

2 dagar användning av appen
Conversion Bear svarade 19 april 2020

I'm sorry you feel this way.

Like all other currency apps - we rely on the currency formatting of your store to make the app work.

It's a manual process impossible to automate.

It usually takes about 60 seconds to change the formatting and complete the installation.

For that reason - we offer a DIY video guide and live chat support.

We also offer a completely FREE concierge setup.

Sometimes, things just don't go as expected but I think we deserve a chance to help you fix the issue you had and provide you with great, immediate service.

So far, we helped over 200 store owners install and use the app.
I think over 140 five star reviews and 3000 online businesses that currently use the app will testify to that.

We will be happy to set up the app for you right away.

As you're an entrepreneur yourself, I hope this resonates.

Co-Founder @ Conversion Bear

2 september 2021

I was impressed by the 5 star reviews and thought this app will work like charm. But it's not. I was trying to talk with them, but it was the worst costumer experience I ever had.

2 dagar användning av appen
Conversion Bear svarade 2 september 2021

As our team mentioned, you're using a 3rd party app that fails to support our currency formatting. The other app causes pricing and currency inconsistencies.

All auto-conversion currency apps rely on custom currency formatting in order to work properly.

As we don't have access to your other app code, it's technically impossible to solve it from our end only.

There are two possible solutions in this case:

(1) Integrate the external app with Currency Bear formatting

We integrate with other apps all the time. It's a standard process.

To integrate Currency Bear with external apps, the first steps would be:

- adding support for our currency formatting (${{amount}} USD) across all elements that have a price indication.
- using our Window module to convert prices by calling conversionBearAutoCurrencyConverter.convert(price)

for example:
returns: --> {amount: "16.80", shop_currency: "USD", currency: "EUR", default_format: "{{amount_with_comma_separator}}€"}

We are always happy to help other teams with an integration. Just send us an email directly or

(2) Using another currency app that does not change the currency formatting.

The only app that does this is Shopify's GeoLocation app:

Although it will not auto-convert your prices depending on customers location (which we do).

A final important note:

We always treat our customers with the utmost respect.

I think that 580 five star reviews will testify to that.

If you change your mind and want to try the app again - we will be happy to guide your external app team on how to integrate with Currency Bear.

Warm regards,
CEO @ Conversion Bear

9 juni 2020


30 minuter användning av appen
Conversion Bear svarade 9 juni 2020