Currency Converter Bear

Currency Converter Bear

door Conversion Bear

Automated currency switcher. Currency conversion w/ checkout.

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160 currencies in one click

Add currencies with the push of button. The exchange rate is updated regularly.

Auto location-based conversion

Prices convert automatically based on customers locations, providing buyers with a seamless shopping experience.

Easily round converted prices

Automatically round prices to keep your customer experience easy on the eyes.

Over Currency Converter Bear

Multi currency support in checkout - seamless integration with Shopify Payments.

Automatically Convert Prices Based on Location

The app automatically converts your prices to a local currency based on your customer's location. Complete integration with Shopify Currencies supported currencies.

Add as Many Currencies as You Want

The app supports 160+ currencies. It converts prices instantly, on any device or theme. Exchange rates are updated multiple times a day for all currencies so your prices are always up-to-date.

Round Converted Prices

Keep you customer experience easy on the eyes. The app allows you to remove decimals and display converted prices like $5 instead of $5.381, or round prices to a fixed value such as $5.99 instead of $5.38.

Stunning Design Layouts

4 Layouts, flags and complete color control enable the app to perfectly match your store design and theme. You can even add custom CSS to make your dream layout a reality.

Auto Convert in Hidden Mode

Want to have complete currency control? Use the app to automatically convert prices without revealing them to clients.

Easy 2 Minute Setup

No developers needed! No code added to your theme! The app works instantly with any store theme in just 1 click. You can customize the app without any tech experience using our intuitive what-you-see-is-what-you-get settings and video guides.

Around the Clock Support

We take pride in our dedicated support team. As store owners ourselves, we are determined to help you grow your business and reach your sales goals. With this mindset, our team is quick to respond and eager to solve any problem.

Key Features

  • Fully integrated with Shopify Payments to support multi currency in checkout.
  • No theme code added!
  • Fast CDN based performance.
  • Auto currency converter based on buyer’s location.
  • 160+ currencies included. You can add a few or all of them.
  • Complete currency switcher design control to match your store theme.
  • Round prices to remove decimals or convert prices to fixed decimals.
  • Custom location support - paste the app code anywhere in your theme.
  • Custom CSS and custom JS inputs for max control and flexibility.
  • Integrated with Shopify Payments to display checkout in each buyer’s selected and supported currency.

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  • Auto currency conversion by location
  • Checkout support w. Shopify Payments
  • +160 currencies
  • Hidden mode
  • Smart pricing
  • Cart notification

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4.9 van 5 sterren

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Meest recente recensies

Dino Bags

I've been using this app for different stores over the years and it's always worked perfectly. Plus the support is excellent, they always solve my issues quickly and effectively. 5/5


I was impressed by the 5 star reviews and thought this app will work like charm. But it's not. I was trying to talk with them, but it was the worst costumer experience I ever had.

Antwoord van ontwikkelaar

2 september 2021

As our team mentioned, you're using a 3rd party app that fails to support our currency formatting. The other app causes pricing and currency inconsistencies.

All auto-conversion currency apps rely on custom currency formatting in order to work properly.

As we don't have access to your other app code, it's technically impossible to solve it from our end only.

There are two possible solutions in this case:

(1) Integrate the external app with Currency Bear formatting

We integrate with other apps all the time. It's a standard process.

To integrate Currency Bear with external apps, the first steps would be:

- adding support for our currency formatting (${{amount}} USD) across all elements that have a price indication.
- using our Window module to convert prices by calling conversionBearAutoCurrencyConverter.convert(price)

for example:
returns: --> {amount: "16.80", shop_currency: "USD", currency: "EUR", default_format: "{{amount_with_comma_separator}}€"}

We are always happy to help other teams with an integration. Just send us an email directly or

(2) Using another currency app that does not change the currency formatting.

The only app that does this is Shopify's GeoLocation app:

Although it will not auto-convert your prices depending on customers location (which we do).

A final important note:

We always treat our customers with the utmost respect.

I think that 580 five star reviews will testify to that.

If you change your mind and want to try the app again - we will be happy to guide your external app team on how to integrate with Currency Bear.

Warm regards,
CEO @ Conversion Bear


Very helpful for allowing your store to display different currencies. Does exactly what you need it to do!