Automatic Free Gifts

Automatic Free Gifts

od Bigblue

Magic rules to add free products to your orders.

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Podrobnosti o Automatic Free Gifts

Automatically add products to customer orders

Using Automatic Free Gift, you can create as many Free Product campaigns as you'd like.

Once created, Free Product campaigns automatically add the free product of your choice to orders matching the configured conditions:

  • Discount code usage
  • Minimum purchase amount
  • ... more to come!

No external account required!

Automatic Free Gifts is embedded inside your Shopify admin so you don't even have to leave your shop's administration panel. Install the app and create your first campaign!

!! Disclaimer

The free product is added after the order is complete, which means the operation may not have time to complete before your customer loads their "Thank you" page. Rest assured that the free product will be properly added to the order. You will see it on your Shopify admin a few seconds after the order completion.

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3.2 z pěti hvězd

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Nejnovější recenze

Rejuva Fresh

I am surprised how well this application, which appears overly simple on the surface, really works nicely and effectively. It’s super easy to use, anyone will think so. Within the first few days I already noticed some customers deliberately ordered more because I showed a free gift incentive over a certain amount . Thanks for the nice application .

Pukka Herbs DE

It worked for the first few months, then unfortunately not anymore. Shopify Support couldn't help me. What a shame!

Odpověď vývojáře

31. srpen 2021

Hi there, we're truly sorry about your experience and would gladly help you resolve that issue - can you email the details not to Shopify support but to our support at

Have a great day !

Adorable Stuffed Animals

I love this app! It's one of the simplest apps I've ever used, and it does exactly what I was looking for. There are only a few other apps that do something relatively similar, but those apps make it complicated and expensive. This one is a free, quick, simple, nice addition!