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26 de fevereiro de 2022

The app is OK but I am increasingly uncomfortable with the complete lack of visibility on the identity of the vendor/developer. There is no website, no LinkedIn profile, no nothing. There is not even any company name on the privacy agreement. I wish Shopify would do a better job verifying the identity of the developers they bring on the platform.

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Magic Bits deixou uma resposta 4 de março de 2022


Right after you installed the app you asked for help, I replied to you within 10 minutes and answered all your questions. After 1 month you left the app and leaved a 2-star review. I checked app logs and found that you didn’t use the app at all since install. You’ve opened the app only a few times. Some merchants spent from 4 to 8 hours daily in the app, managing their fulfillment workflow.

Let’s get back to your review:

#1 If you’re uncomfortable with the identity of the app’s developer, then what was your problem to text me and ask all these questions? If it’s top priority for you, then why did you wait for over the month since installing the app? Correct me if I’m wrong, but if for me the identity is a top priority, then firstly I will check the vendor and only then install the app, not vice versa.

#2 There’s website and the link to the website is under “Support” on app listing page. You could also guess the website from my email address– Unfortunately, Shopify app store doesn’t have field “LinkedIn profile”. I will infinitely add the link if one day it will be available. I didn’t see any problem asking these questions using email.

#3 Privacy policy is a requirement from Shopify and the app simply won’t be published in the app store without it. You can find it under “Privacy policy” in a “Support” tab. Use page search to find “Magic Bits”–the company name. There are 3 occurrences of this phrase on the privacy policy page.

#4 Last sentence is my favourite–how does it relate to the app? If you want Shopify to “better” verify the identity of the developers, maybe it’s better to leave this review to Shopify, otherwise, how will they hear you?

Auto Purchase Orders is ranked as a top PO app in Shopify and is powering over hundreds of stores.

As reference, you can just read the review right above this one.

I feel the 2-star review isn’t fair considering this information is stated on app listing, but thanks for giving my app a try.


Founder @ Magic Bits