Auto Purchase Orders

Auto Purchase Orders

Magic Bits

Create POs, suppliers. Auto dropship orders. Stock transfers

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Powerful Automation

Automatically create and send Purchase Orders straight to suppliers, whenever an order is created or paid. Multi-vendor order splitting.

Simple Inventory Management

Track your Purchase Orders, incoming quantities, create transfers to locations.

Save time & reduce errors

Eliminate the need to manage your Purchase Orders and communication with suppliers / manufacturer. Reduce order error rates.

Auto Purchase Orders 정보

The Auto Purchase Orders app allows you to create Purchase Orders, manage suppliers and track incoming inventory. You can easily create purchase orders for each order in your store. Send created Purchase Orders directly to suppliers via email from your custom domain. After you receive your purchase order, you can transfer product inventory directly to Shopify.

Automate orders management/fulfillment

When a customer places their orders, you can assign the supplier/manufacturer to each product and send them a PO with just one click. Or you can turn on the "Auto PO" feature and the app will auto-generate PO with PDF and send it to your suppliers. Moreover, the app supports order splitting between suppliers out of the box.

Purchase Orders

You can create Purchase Orders in several ways - manually, filling out the form, preloading from Shopify order, or automatically (using Auto PO feature).

Easy Setup - Developer Free

No developers needed! Just install Auto Purchase Orders and create your first professional PO and send PDF immediately to suppler. Dropship more, spend less!

Control your inventory / restock items

When you receive inventory from your supplier, the app updates the number of items that you have available in your store – no manual work. Control automated dropshipping easier.

Save hours and money

Saves you hours each week by automating Purchase Orders creation for your fulfillment vendors. No more Excel needed.

Premium support

As a store owner myself, I'm determined to help you grow your business. With this mindset, I'm quick to respond and eager to solve any problem.

Key features:

  • Create Purchase Order from Shopify order
  • Handles split orders (orders with items from 2 or more suppliers) with ease
  • Forward POs straight to your suppliers via email
  • Reliable email delivery. Track when the email was delivered and opened by the supplier. Be confident that the email was delivered successfully
  • Set Supplier SKU, Unit cost price, Tax per each supplier product
  • Automate Purchase Order creation. Just enable "Create auto PO" and for each order placed in your store PO will be created and sent to the supplier
  • Control when Auto POs are created – when order is created or paid
  • Professional PO template. Upload your company logo & signature to match your brand
  • Track all created Purchase Orders in one place
  • Multi-currency support. If your store's currency is different from the supplier, then the cost per item for each product will be converted to supplier currency


  • Bold Options

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  • 15 Purchase Orders per month
  • Auto create & send PO from order
  • Handles split orders
  • Send POs directly to suppliers
  • Restock items from PO



  • 50 Purchase Orders per month
  • Auto create & send PO from order
  • Handles split orders
  • Send POs directly to suppliers
  • Restock items from PO



  • Everything in Standard plus:
  • 100 Purchase Orders per month
  • Personal template customization
  • Priority support



  • Everything in Pro plus:
  • 200 Purchase Orders per month
  • Personal template customization
  • Priority support

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가장 최근 리뷰

Marty's Meals

This app provided what others did not- an ability to customize a field in my PO. I had some questions and Dan was amazing. He got back to me immediately and helped me to implement the changes I requested. If only all app developers could be like Dan! This app is also much more intuitive and straight forward than I found Stocky to be.

La Petite Fromagerie

Very convenient. It helps me organize orders every step of the way - expected deliveries, mark each PO once deliveries have been received and can mark the PO as completed once settled.

Beyond Living

great app and support is perfect! Very responsive and quick to take of our request. Thanks Dan for your help.