Auto Schedule

Auto Schedule

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Auto schedule your products and put your store on autopilot

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Schedule time limited products

Ideal for special promotions, and time limited products such as event tickets, merchandise or food for delivery or collection.

Schedule price changes

Now you can schedule entire promotions like Black Friday. Schedule discounts, or even price increases!

Repeating schedules

Unique to Auto Schedule - extremely flexible repeating schedules. Set and forget.

Su Auto Schedule

Introducing Auto Schedule, the simple app that performs magic by scheduling when products should appear on your store.

Two apps rolled into one - schedule products to be published & unpublished AND schedule promotions, discounts, price changes… even price increases!

If you need to change prices or schedule products to be published and removed from sale, then why do it manually? Set a schedule and do whatever makes you happy - make a cup of tea, go on holiday, have a snooze or do some other work. It doesn’t matter because Auto Schedule will perform a miracle and do everything for you.

Improve efficiency, save time and be a hero by putting your store on autopilot. Tell them you were up at midnight adding products to your store for that special promotion when in reality, you had them scheduled to publish automatically!

What can I schedule with Auto Schedule?

  • Price reductions, promotions, discounts, changes and even increases
  • When products should appear or be removed from your store
  • When products should be completely deleted from your store

What else can Auto Schedule do?

  • Set schedules on a repeating basis - from simple repeats such as every week, to complicated schedules such as every Monday and Thursday on the third week of every month
    • Set schedules for entire collections or multiple products in one go
    • Gives the current published status of all your products at a glance
    • Allows you to select a date and time using a simple calendar interface Provides a super simple admin screen that fits in perfectly with Shopify’s UI

Why should I schedule my products?

  • Time limited special promotions
  • Time limited products such as event tickets or food for delivery
  • Improve efficiency and save time
  • Give yourself a break and put your store on autopilot

What services are provided to support me?

  • Free lifetime updates
  • Responsive support


Unfortunately Shopify will only allow us to unpublish products from sale on your webstore. So, if you have products for sale on other channels such as Facebook then your product cannot be unpublish.

Auto Schedule can however delete the product which will effectively remove it from sale for all channels, but please do be aware that the product cannot then be brought back.

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  • Schedule products to be published/unpublished from your store individually
  • Maximum 10 products can be scheduled at one time



  • Schedule price discounts and increases
  • Set unlimited schedules for multiple products
  • Schedule can be set to repeat with complex conditions

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4.2 stelle su 5

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Le recensioni più recenti

Honey & Spice

the App works well - you can trust it to remove products at a specific time.
the downside is that Publish section does not differ between 'Draft' product and 'Active' product - which doesn't make sense to me as i would not want a product i work on to be loaded before i have approved it and changed to 'active'. this mean i am only able to use the 'Removal date & time' , but not 'Publish date & time', and therefore can not use the 'repeat weekly' as i need to manually publish the products.

Villa Cotton

I'm fully satisfied using Auto Schedule app on my Shopify store. It helps me in my marketing campaigns.

Lone Survivalist

Trying to schedule a product every 6 weeks for discounts we run year-round was the first thing I tried to do on auto-scheduler. Even when attempting to have a product go up then down in 24 hours, then not run it again for 6 weeks, the software won't allow me to select weeks. Pretty significant bug to work out, going to have to go use something else. Hope you guys can get it squared away! UPDATE: The customer service has reached out quickly (even before I posted the original review) to try and help out with getting this squared away. The quick follow-up is helpful, and I'll post another update if I'm able to resolve the difficulty. UPDATE: The issue was resolved - it was my error - the year, month, day format is not one I have come across for when scheduling, and that tripped me up. Anyway, so far the app is doing everything I need - and it's the only one I have come across that can schedule specific products to repeat at custom intervals.