Blog Booster ‑ Share on Social

Blog Booster ‑ Share on Social

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Get more Social Traffic to your Blog Articles automatically

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Save time posting to social

Automatically create up to 12 months of social posts from each blog post as soon as it's published.

Increase traffic to your blog

Put driving traffic to your website on autopilot with a regular and consistent schedule of posts to Twitter and Facebook.

Customize your content

You can customize each social post template using date, time, placeholders and your own wording and hashtags to increase engagement.

Blog Booster ‑ Share on Social 정보

Blog Booster - Automatic Social Sharing of your Blog Posts - Save time and maximise your traffic by sharing your latest blog posts on autopilot.

Blog Booster makes sharing your latest blog articles easy and helps maximise the traffic your articles generate. Simply connect your social media accounts and the app will take care of the rest - saving you valuable time and effort.

Automatically detects new blog posts

The app recognises each time you publish a new blog post on your Shopify store and automatically generates posts to your social media to tell everyone about it.

Maximises your traffic

With the apps scheduling feature, you can schedule posts to your social media for each new blog article over the course of up to 12 months. This ensures your content keeps getting traffic long after your first publish it.

Fully customizable

Our unique scheduling feature comes with a default setup to get you started straight away. However, you can easily tailor the schedule to meet your exact needs:

  • Create as many scheduled posts as you like, such as '10 days after article is published' or '4 weeks after article is published'.

  • Add multiple options of text for each social post, and our system will choose one at random to schedule - keeping your content varied and engaging your audience.

  • Use placeholders to include information about your blog article, such as title, URL, etc.

  • Set the exact time of day you want your social posts to be published.

Set and forget

Blog Booster is so easy to use it takes only a few minutes to setup, and once done will keep working for you to increase your blogs traffic straight away - without you needing to do anything else and saving you lots of valuable time!


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  • Facebook

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Standard Plan


  • Automated social for your blog posts.

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My domain got banned by Facebook because this app
My domain is listed as spam on Facebook because this app
Be aware

개발자 회신

2020년 12월 13일

There is no reason why Facebook would ban you for using Blog Booster. We are a Facebook Authorised app, so any ban would be due to your content or activities outside of Blog Booster. Since you have been unable to provide further evidence regarding your ban it appears to confirm that to be the case. We have many companies using Blog Booster successfully and with a large number of blog posts, etc. without any issues.


Very intuitive app! We are using on our website Customer service is good en the app can also translated in languages other than English. Recommend!