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  • 87% 的評分為 5 顆星
  • 10% 的評分為 4 顆星
  • 1% 的評分為 3 顆星
  • 0% 的評分為 2 顆星
  • 1% 的評分為 1 顆星

you cant set shipping rates. only the cheapest rate is applied. the support from this app is perfectly irresponsible. I will explain what happened exactly. when we contacted about shipping options, the support said it is from shopify. it is not from the app and we need to contact shopify regarding this issue. then we forwarded that messages to shopify, shopify said it is the app issue. all delivery and inventory settings were all correct from our side. so shopify contacted to this app for us, then this app replied "I have to say that the feature to edit ting shipping rate is not available in our app. " what a joke. never seen this kind of support. they will just put responsibilities on shopify. be careful.

Global Ichiba
Channelwill 已回覆 2022年8月28日

Hi there, we are really sorry that you have had a bad experience with setting the shipping rates. As per checking, only the cheapest one shipping method can be shown for subscription product according to Shopify APIs policy.
We'll also follow up the update from Shopify until they release the multi shipping method API. Also, most of the Shopify support are not that familiar with the IT issues, which will make you feel we and Shopify are irrsponsible. We are so sorry for the confusion we brought you.
Just let me know if there is something we can do. Best regards, Esther