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Auto Tag - Delivery Date

Auto Tag - Delivery Date

Developed by MaruMarket

7 reviews
Price: $11.99 / month Free Trial: 30 days More info
  • Easily filter your orders by delivery date within Shopify's admin (orders) panel.
  • Collect a customer's delivery date on the cart page.
  • "Tagging" orders with the delivery date means you can filter them easier and organise deliveries better.

What does the “Auto Tag” App do?

Auto Tag enables customers to choose a delivery date on their cart page and then automatically tags orders with this date and day of the week in your admin panel.
Making it really easy for store managers to organise orders within the Shopify admin panel based on a delivery date.

What does that mean?

  • Customers can choose a delivery date

  • You can easily filter orders based on their delivery dates

  • You get to see a list of orders that are due to be delivered on a particular day or date.

  • You don’t need to leave the Shopify admin panel to filter orders

  • The app runs automatically and needs no maintenance

What's the outcome?

It saves you time when managing orders and enables you to easily view only the orders for a particular delivery day. Without having to look at each order's details screen one by one to find out the delivery date. You can easily keep track of what’s due out, when.

Who's it for?

Store owners who allow customers to choose when their order is delivered. It’s especially useful for shops who deliver locally. Our customers include florists, grocery stores like butchers & fishmongers, large furniture stores.

What are the charges for?

The monthly subscription fee is for the automatic tagging.


What is the monthly subscription for?

The monthly subscription is for the tagging of your orders with a delivery date. It is NOT for the calender on your cart page. If you don't need the auto-tagging feature (and the ability to filter your orders by delivery date) then you don't need to pay the monthly subscription.

How do I install the auto-tag app in Shopify?

There are 2 parts to the installation of the app:

  1. The auto tagging feature – This installs automatically without the need to do anything from your perspective.

  2. The date picker calendar on your cart page. If you already have a calender on your cart page, nothing will be changed. If you don't have a delivery date picker on your cart page this will be installed automatically as part of the process. But it does need checking that it’s installed properly. Some store owners may have non-standard themes, in which case a manual install of this part may be required. We’ll be happy to help you do this or you can work with your local developer to get them to do this for you.

How does the date selection work?

On your checkout page, your customer can choose a date for their order. This usually gets stored as a “cart attribute” for that order and is accessible in the order details page within the store manager admin on Shopify.

Using the auto tag app, orders which have a delivery date will automatically be “tagged” with the date your customer chose on the cart page.

This means you can easily filter the orders in your Shopify admin panel.

How does “auto tag” work?

Our server “listens” for incoming orders into your shop. When it “hears” a new order has been placed, it extracts the delivery date and updates your order with this date set as a tag. It also translates the date to a day of the week and tags it with the day too. It takes less than 5 seconds for this to happen.

Is it secure?

Yes, all the updates are done securely. It’s a standard procedure in Shopify and hundreds of apps work this way.

Why are tags good?

They enable shop managers to easily filter orders from within the Shopify admin panel. Tags are a standard feature of Shopify and enable store owners to very easily access orders or view reports based on the particular tag of an order.

Can customers choose a delivery date in Shopify without the auto-tag app?

Yes, they can. There are 2 options for doing this:

  • Install our app so that it installs the calendar on your cart page, then delete the app if you decide you don't want the ability to filter orders with tags.

  • Follow these instructions supplied by Shopify - https://help.shopify.com/themes/customization/cart/add-date-picker-for-delivery-dates

  • If you need some help then please let us know here.

    If you just install the date picker, then orders wouldn’t get automatically tagged with the date.

    Do you offer customisation packages for things like:

  • Limiting delivery days - e.g. you only delivery on Tues & Weds

  • inserting lead times - e.g you need 2 days advance notice of deliveries.

  • Changing the message of the date picker on your cart page.

  • Changing the location of the date picker on your cart page.

  • Yes, we do. Please do email me. I’ll be delighted to help

    More questions?

    Got another question? Please do email me. I’ll be delighted to help

    About Us

    Auto-Tag was created by John Cant of MaruMarket to solve this problem for one of their clients who deliver fruit & vegetables locally.

    MaruMarket is a consultancy specialising in helping grocery businesses who want to sell on-line.

    The development work and technical support is provided by Alex Pringle, an independent software engineer based at C4DI, Hull, UK.

    Auto Tag - Delivery Date reviews

    7 reviews
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    I'd customized AutoTag $460 package (becuase I need CUTOFF time setting) and I'm a happy subscriber of this app "WORTH IT". They deliver work on time and site function AS EXPECTED. Providing customer with actual and realistic delivery date avoid customer claim and refund. The basic AutoTag sufficient for most business, and you may need them if you sell FOOD, FLOWER, PLANT, and PERISHABLE GOODS , highly recommend ! OrchidClub.US


    We downloaded this app just to give everyone a heads up that this is a scam and you can *easily* do what this app is charging hundreds of dollars for, for free.

    Go to: https://help.shopify.com/themes/customization/cart/add-date-picker-for-delivery-dates

    You can thank us later! :)


    Joke of an app, even to change the text abov the calendar is $100.

    This is basically a scam when you actually realise you need to change it. We deliver on the weekends, and in order to remove that text from underneath the calendar app is $100!


    If you want the app to work correctly on your store, you have to pay $100 in add-on options. Should have been upfront on the features you get at the start.


    Great, timely customer service.


    A classic "bait and switch" app. If you want the app to function in any sort of convenient manner, you have to add $100+ in add-on options. Had they been upfront about this, I wouldn't bother leaving a negative review.


    Does exactly what it says it will do and solves one of our biggest problems. We sell live plants and now customers can schedule a delivery time that fits the schedule. Great App!

    $11.99 / month
    30 days

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