Automate Shipping Profiles

Automate Shipping Profiles

de Intuitive Shipping Inc

Save time & bulk assign your products into shipping profiles

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Step 1

Create your shipping profiles and rates in your Shopify Shipping and Delivery settings.

Step 2

Create sorting rules in Automate Shipping Profiles to tell the app which Shopify shipping profile each product belongs to.

Step 3

Run a bulk sync to assign your products to their Shopify shipping profile and save countless hours.

Acerca de Automate Shipping Profiles

What Does It Do?

Automate Shipping Profiles saves you from having to manually assign your entire product catalog, one-by-one, to its respective Shopify shipping profile. When you run a Bulk Sync, the app will sort your products into their respective Shopify shipping profiles.

Why You Need It

Shopify's shipping profiles feature lets you assign different shipping costs based on product groups. The problem? Each product must be manually assigned to the proper shipping profile, and we know you have more important things to do.

How Does It Work?

When you install Automate Shipping Profiles, you simply need to create a 'Profile Condition' for each of your Shopify shipping profiles. When you run a bulk sync, the app will assign your products to their respective profile.

Set It & Forget It

Once you activate the app, it will continue sorting new products into their corresponding Shopify shipping profile.

Spend a Minute, Save Days

Click on 'View in Example Store' to see how easy it is to automate your shipping profiles. We've already saved a combined 100 years' of time for Shopify merchants by bulk assigning products to their Shopify shipping profiles!

Carrier Rates Not Required

Since Automate Shipping Profiles doesn't do rating at checkout, you don't need to upgrade your Shopify plan or pay for Shopify's Carrier Rates feature.

Calculate Your Savings

Check out our site for an interactive savings calculator.

Steps to Success

To get the best experience out of the app, we recommend watching the tutorial and visiting our Help Centre.


Our automation engine accurately bulk sorts your products into the proper profile so you can avoid shipping mishaps.


Have a question? Reach out - we're always happy to help.


Where Do I Configure My Shipping Rates?

  • Since Automate Shipping Profiles works with Shopify's shipping profiles, your rates will be configured in your Shopify shipping settings.

I'm a Dropshipper. Is Automate Shipping Profiles a Good Fit?

  • Yes! You can create your Shopify shipping profiles based on Vendor, and then have Automate Shipping Profiles accurately bulk sort your products into the proper profile.

Will The App Know When I Add New Products?

  • As long as you keep the app installed and active, it will continue sorting new products into their corresponding Shopify shipping profile.

Where Can I See It In Action?

  • Check out our 'View in Example Store' link to watch a demo.

Is There a Free Trial?

  • No, to activate the automation features you must select and pay for a plan.

I'm Still Unsure if Automate Shipping Profiles is For Me

  • Reach out with your requirements and we'll be happy to let you know if we're a good fit.

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Reseñas más recientes

Whitaker Brothers

Tip-top. This app helped us set up an unbelievably complex shipping schema for a huge catalog with a large number of warehouses. Great support, really responsive.

Respuesta del desarrollador

3 de diciembre de 2021

Thank you for sharing your experience with Automate Shipping Profiles! It means a lot to our team. and we're happy to hear it helped you with such an important requirement.

Best regards,

Ron Anderson
Customer Experience Manager


This app is absolutely fantastic. Paul really helped me understand how to use it and implement it properly. Anyone who needs to separate certain products and variants into different shipping profiles should get this app. Thanks again guys

Aven WFH Life

This app really helped me overcome a big issue I had with Printful creating new shipping profiles and overriding my existing shipping profiles when I added a product. Printful's app also updates their shipping profiles when it syncs with Shopify. I reached out to Printful's tech support and as of now there is no way to disable this function.
This app resolved that issue by allowing me to update my existing products to their correct profiles, and it also has an option in "Settings" to assign a default shipping profile when products are added. This means that when I add a Printful product, it won't matter that it creates a shipping profile because the product will automatically be added to the default profile that I assign. In the future, I can also see this app being useful for a lot of custom configurations, e.g. offering express shipping only if a product has a particular tag or meets other criteria. I found their tiered plans reasonable for the amount of products they cover and because it's a time-saver, although I would have liked to see a trial period, even for just a week, to confirm the solution worked before I committed to a plan. It was still worth trying so that wasn't a show-stopper.
I also liked that it's by "number of products" not "number of variations" like other apps so 2500 is 2500, not a small fraction of it it you have 10 variations of each product. Overall, I'm very happy with this app.

Respuesta del desarrollador

2 de noviembre de 2021

Thank you so much for taking time out of your day to share your experiences with Automate Shipping Profiles, and to help other merchants make an informed decision. It's amazing to hear how ASP has helped to resolve the issue you were having with your profiles.

Thanks as well for your feedback on trial periods. ASP is free to install, and you can take as much time as you need to get your settings configured before activating a billing plan and running the bulk sort. Unfortunately, at this time it's not feasible to have a free trial period. In order to run the bulk sort, even in a testing capacity, the app needs to be fully functional, and there is a cost for the server infrastructure required to bulk sort and constantly listen for product updates and additions.

If you have any questions or concerns at any time, please don't hesitate to reach out to our support team. We're here to help and answer any questions you might have.

Best regards,
Ron Anderson | Customer Experience Manager