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Bearbeitet am 26. Juni 2024

The product does what it should. Expensive but its better than the others.

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Product Description AI ChatGPT hat geantwortet 13. Juni 2024

I am really sorry for this but you were checking for the wrong products. There is a "Open in Shopify" button besides each generated Description. Please use that button to exactly see which product description is generated and saved.


Please get on just a 5 minutes Google meet or zoom call with me.

I can assure you that the app is working fine.
But there is some confusion.

You are checking the wrong products. Even though the title is same but the products are different and this is the reason for this confusion.


Hi there.

I thought the issue was solved when we were chatting on WhatsApp and I saved all the products in your store by taking the collaborator access to your store.

I have checked in the other stores again and the app is working absolutely fine.

I have scheduled a google meet with you. Let's get on a call to see what exactly is happening.

3. Juli 2024

I really liked that you can regulate gpt 4 yourself. Give it commands and the program is 100% interconnected with gpt-4 (07/03/2024)

3 tage mit der App
Bearbeitet am 12. Juli 2024

Die ChatGPT-AI Shopify App bietet fortschrittliche KI-Technologie für guten Produktbeschreibungen. Nutzen Sie die App für erhöhte Kundenzufriedenheit.

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21. Januar 2024

This is a great tool for bulk editing product descriptions and titles. I have 50K products and doing it the traditional way would take ages. However, that said only on a premium plan (currently $69 per year) you can only do 1,000 products per session. You cannot start another session for the next batch until the previous batch is complete. There is also no way to tell without actually looking which products have been done. So, if like me you have 50K products you have to screenshot the last product page you did to keep track. You also have to manually approve the rewrites of your product descriptions (but this can be done in bulk).

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3 monate mit der App
Product Description AI ChatGPT hat geantwortet 22. Januar 2024

Update 2: As you pointed out that you were facing problem in identifying what Descriptions are not generated. I've added this feature too. Let me know if you like it.

Update: Hi again, Thank you for pointing out this issue. I have launched a new feature that can make all your descriptions in one click. This happens very fast too. Please visit the app again and then let me know about this.

Old version:
Hi there. I'm really sorry that my app didn't come as expected for your use case. However I'm aware about this problem and soon I'll be fixing this issue.

11. November 2023

It is amazing app and help alot. But would be amazing if it cud do much more like transelate on other language and maybe the name of the product write it shorter. Otherwise it has been amazing. I have seen also some bugs on the app that maybe need to be seen.

Etwa ein monat mit der App
Product Description AI ChatGPT hat geantwortet 12. November 2023

Thank you for your wonderful review and for using ChatGPT-Product Description Generator. I'm really glad to hear that the app has been helpful to you!

I'd like to share some information that might be of interest: the app actually supports translation into 13+ languages. This feature is available in the app's settings, and I'd be more than happy to guide you on how to use it if needed.

Your suggestion about shortening product names is quite intriguing. I'm always looking for ways to improve the app, and I'll definitely take your idea into consideration for future updates.

I'm sorry to learn about the bugs you've encountered. As a solo developer, I rely heavily on user feedback to enhance the app. Could you please share more details about these issues? It would be immensely helpful for troubleshooting and improving the app.

Thank you once again for your support and valuable feedback. I'm here to ensure you have the best possible experience with the app.