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3. mai 2024

Huge time saver for rewriting product descriptions. I really like that you can add a custom prompt to it so you get what you want. Very fast support. Highly recommend this app.

7 dager bruker appen
22. januar 2024

i would just like to say that even with almost no description from my supplier this app still will add enough words to the description of my products and make it look professional. for me it is a big help i have full time job as well and i don't have alot of time to spend on these things. i have not tried the translations yet. but i also havent found an app that will give me more than two translations for my store without paying alot of money. but i do recommend this app for beginners its easy to use.

Rundt 2 måneder bruker appen
19. april 2024

I cannot begin to discribe how amazing this software is, I highly recommend this anyone who want amazing description of their product. Don't take my words for it. Just try it and will see for yourself.
4 dager bruker appen
20. februar 2024

ChatGPT-AI's product descriptions are fantastic, and their customer service is top-notch! The engaging, SEO-friendly content boosted our online presence, and the support team is incredibly responsive and helpful. Highly recommend for great service and quality!

Très Elite
Rundt 1 måned bruker appen
21. januar 2024

This is a great tool for bulk editing product descriptions and titles. I have 50K products and doing it the traditional way would take ages. However, that said only on a premium plan (currently $69 per year) you can only do 1,000 products per session. You cannot start another session for the next batch until the previous batch is complete. There is also no way to tell without actually looking which products have been done. So, if like me you have 50K products you have to screenshot the last product page you did to keep track. You also have to manually approve the rewrites of your product descriptions (but this can be done in bulk).

3 måneder bruker appen
Product Description AI ChatGPT svarte 22. januar 2024

Update 2: As you pointed out that you were facing problem in identifying what Descriptions are not generated. I've added this feature too. Let me know if you like it.

Update: Hi again, Thank you for pointing out this issue. I have launched a new feature that can make all your descriptions in one click. This happens very fast too. Please visit the app again and then let me know about this.

Old version:
Hi there. I'm really sorry that my app didn't come as expected for your use case. However I'm aware about this problem and soon I'll be fixing this issue.

10. mai 2024

App is great, saves me a lot of time. The product descriptions are spot on! quite the improvement.

3 dager bruker appen
Redigert 29. mars 2024

Ok, this is an AMAZING app... The descriptions I import are poorly written but this app rewrites them in an amazing format! The meta descriptions it write are awesome as well. Highly recommended!

Fetish Forte
3 måneder bruker appen
4. mai 2024

**Produktbeschreibung für die ChatGPT-AI Shopify App**

Die ChatGPT-AI Shopify App revolutioniert den Kundenservice im E-Commerce durch die Integration fortschrittlicher KI-Technologie, die eine nahezu vollautomatische Betreuung ermöglicht. Mit dieser innovativen App können Shopify-Shopbesitzer ihren Kunden einzigartige, schnelle und effiziente Unterstützung bieten, fast ohne manuelles Eingreifen.


1. **Fast Vollautomatische Antworten:** Die App nutzt modernste KI, um Anfragen von Kunden sofort zu erkennen und präzise Antworten zu generieren. Dies reduziert die Notwendigkeit für manuelle Eingriffe und ermöglicht es Shopbetreibern, sich auf andere wichtige Aspekte ihres Geschäfts zu konzentrieren.

2. **Support auf Allen Kanälen:** Egal ob Ihre Kunden über WhatsApp, E-Mail oder direkt über die Shopify-Oberfläche Kontakt aufnehmen – die ChatGPT-AI App stellt sicher, dass Sie eine konsistente und effiziente Kommunikation über alle Kanäle hinweg bieten können.

3. **Beinahe Live-Support:** Die Reaktionszeit der KI ist so schnell, dass Kunden das Gefühl haben, in Echtzeit betreut zu werden. Dies verbessert das Kundenerlebnis erheblich und erhöht die Kundenzufriedenheit und -bindung.

4. **Einfache Integration und Bedienung:** Die Einrichtung der App ist unkompliziert und kann ohne technische Vorkenntnisse durchgeführt werden. Nach der schnellen Installation funktioniert die App fast vollständig autonom.

5. **Hilfreicher Support:** Sollten doch einmal Fragen oder Probleme auftreten, steht Ihnen unser Support-Team zur Seite. Unsere Mitarbeiter sind bekannt für ihre Hilfsbereitschaft und Expertise und nehmen eine proaktive Position ein, um Ihnen bestmöglich zu helfen.

Die ChatGPT-AI Shopify App ist eine unverzichtbare Erweiterung für jeden Shopify-Shop, der seinen Kunden erstklassigen Service bieten möchte, ohne dabei auf hohe Personalkosten zurückgreifen zu müssen. Die App ermöglicht eine effiziente, schnelle und kundenzentrierte Betreuung, unterstützt durch KI und gestützt von einem hilfsbereiten Support-Team. Steigern Sie Ihre Kundenzufriedenheit und Effizienz mit der ChatGPT-AI Shopify App!

2 måneder bruker appen
9. mai 2024

Very good customer service. Collaborative team. Excellent!

4Trade Store
21 dager bruker appen
7. februar 2024

WOW. This app created 5,700 product descriptions for me.. they were all really well written and correctly formatted too! The descriptions were in depth and so well written its hard to believe AI can do all of this... this app costs $14.95 a month but it has saved me months and months of time manually typing all of these out... honestly it would of cost me over $10,000 in wages to do the same thing manually... the whole job was done by AI within 4 hours.

Rundt 15 timer bruker appen