Automa ‑ Messaging System

Automa ‑ Messaging System

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Automated Messaging Made Simple - Post Order Communication

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Reduce Time on Repeat Messages

Now you can set up a template for each type of customer issue. Save time by using Keywords to manage all your customer email messages.

1-Button Order Cancelation

Easy one button cancellation. Send Email to the customer with the option to cancel the order. If canceled, the action will sync to store.

View Customer Message Status

View message status within the app. See if the message is pending or canceled, each message sent out will be logged with a status monitor.

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Automa - Messaging System "Automated Messaging Made Simple"

Why Choose Us?

Keeping up with all your customers can take up all of your time, get some of your time back by simplifying repetitive emails while providing a better level of communication to your customers.

Automa -Post Order Messaging System saves your time and resources by templatizing repetitive customer emails. Simply set up a template on the app, and with a Tag (keyword), you can automatically send your email to the customer. Automa can revamp and help stores Large, Small, New, and Old. Set up one or multiple templates depending on your store's level of the customer's needs.

Item out of stock?

-Simply create a template for when the item will be received, and with the added CANCEL any time button, you can give the customer option to keep or cancel the order without added work to you.

Logistical Issues?

-Simply create a template with details on the current issue, and easily send it to any customer affected.

Address Verification?

-No Problem now it's easy to set up a template requesting clarification. Simply create a template once and have it ready for anytime it's needed.

...The possibility are endless

Automa - Messaging System is here for you

  • All messages sent are logged
  • Save time on all types of repetitive customer messages
  • Easy to setup up in Just 3 Easy Steps

Setting up

Step 1: Create a Template

Fill out:

  • Template Name
  • Email Heading
  • Email Body
  • Option to add "Cancel Button" to email
  • If YES add "Cancel Button" Fill out Cancel Section text box

Review: You can review created Templates in "View Templates"

Step 2: Create / Link Tags

Fill out:

  • Create an Internal Tag name - To keep things organized
  • Create a Tag - This will be the key to use to trigger/send the automated Email message
  • Link Template - Link the template from Step 1 as the automated email to send

Only one Template per Tag is allowed

Review: You can review and edit created Tags links under "View Tags"

Step 3: View/Manage

  • View current order status
  • View log of the message sent
  • If an order has been canceled by the customer from the email it will have the status of "Canceled Order"
  • If the Auto-Sent message was sent, and no response from the customer status will be "Pending"

How to use

  • On the customer's order page you can now send automated messages by using your own custom tags.

Create a Test Order

  • Put Store on Test mode
  • Create an order using a real email address
  • On the order page add your created tag
  • Confirm email sent on the Status Page
  • Confirm email was received to your inbox as customized

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