Automatic Discount Code Links

Automatic Discount Code Links

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Create links with discount and use them for ads and newsletter

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Product Page Coupon Widget

Allow your customers to apply discount codes on product pages.

Storefront Applied Discounts

Display product prices with applied discounts when a customer goes to checkout.

Discount Code Infobar

Use the infobar to highlight the applied promo code. The bar is shown on every page.

关于 Automatic Discount Code Links

Do you want to give your customers a special link that automatically applies a coupon code?

Generate discount codes that are auto-applied when a customer goes to your store using a specific link or manually applies a promo code on a product page.

Benefits of Automatic Discount Code Links:

  • Automatically apply discounts for customers
  • Increase conversion by eliminating the need for users to copy and paste a promo code
  • Personalized coupon links to reward customers

How does it work?

  1. Determine a percentage discount on the entire range of products
  2. Generate a sharable link with a promo code for a necessary page
  3. Copy a promo link, and that’s it. You’re ready to drive sales!

Key features:

  • Auto-apply percentage coupons
  • Add a product page coupon widget
  • Highlight applied discounts with a notification bar
  • Customize how the product widget & discount infobar look

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5.0 评分


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Summer Mae

Highly Recommended. This is really a treasure app. It can even be said that this is the best discount coupon app I have ever used. These guys are genius. Alex and the other developpers are the best!


They were SO helpful. I honestly didn't expect them to help me so much, when the app is free of charge. I can highly recommend them, if you need a discount code app since Shopify's discount code box is almost impossible to find on the checkout.



Thanks so much! We are always happy to assist so feel free to contact us 24/7!


this app is very convenient for me ,i think it will takes more orders to me !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Thanks for your feedback! Hope you'll keep enjoying the app :)