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2024년 7월 8일

This is the worst app we've ever used! Stay away! We ran a semi-annual sale last week, and 3 random issues happened and they never fix it for us. 1. Sometimes the app will give customer 100% discount, which means giving away our products for free. 2. Sometimes the app will give customers 70% discount instead of the 30% discount that we set up. 3. Sometimes the app will skip some orders and gave the customer 0% discount. Everything was just random. Stay away. This app is full of bugs and issues.

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답글 Staytuned개 2024년 7월 10일

Thanks for taking the time to post that. It was painful for me to read, but it seems a fair assessment of your issues. I'm so sorry about your experience with us so far.

I realize it feels like we weren't doing anything to help with these technical problems, but I promise you this case has been at the top of our priority list for at least a week. If you're open to it, I would love to jump on a quick call with you to discuss. We still want to get this fixed for you!


Hannes Bez
Director of Customer Experience

2024년 4월 5일

Charge for all sales in one market. Got help from their support to setup a few things, but it started to charges us 2.9% sales from 1 whole market, without any features activated from their side.

Asked to remove this app and get a refund, but the help was not help, it was more "try to stay and make it complicated with a lot of questions".

Do not recommend.

Nordic Training Gear
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답글 Staytuned개 2024년 4월 8일

Thanks for taking the time to contact us. I'm sorry about your poor experience with us. I've reviewed the case and I believe most of this was just a communication mixup. I've already issued a refund to your account, and I'll be contacting you directly to sort out the rest.

Hannes Bez | Director of Customer Experience

2024년 3월 26일

Their Add to Cart is not woking it has been 11 days. I have been trying to get it fixed. They keep saying it is fixed. or giving me different ways to do this. or Outright saying it is fixed. when It is Not. If it works It works. If not don't think support will Help you. They are the Most Exceptionally Bad People.

Leather Apron
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답글 Staytuned개 2024년 3월 27일

Leather Apron team, I am so sorry to hear about your experience. I am the CEO (Serge Kassardjian) of the company (staytuned) that owns this app. I am so sorry to hear about your experience. I have our customer service team all over this and going to make sure its fixed and you have a great experience. You can reach out directly to me if you have any questions-serge@staytuned.digital.

2023년 7월 27일

The app functions smoothly and boasts an attractive interface; however, the pricing model leaves much to be desired. Charging 2.9% of my sales for this app seems exorbitant as i only use automatic discounts on checkout. Even the 0.6% option, though relatively acceptable, becomes burdensome when coupled with the additional $45 monthly fee. It becomes impractical to sustain this kind of expense for an app that I only utilize sporadically in my shop. The substantial flat fee of $45 is not justified for an app I'll stop using this app after this charge.

The Green Tanners
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답글 Staytuned개 2023년 7월 28일

Hi there, thank you for your honest and detailed feedback. You're not the first person to share these views with us, which is why we're currently working on potential updates to our pricing model.

I do want to clarify something, though. The percentage charged on sales (whether 2.9% or 0.6%) only applies to sales generated through your ADG promotions. This percentage is *not* applied to all sales in your store.

However, as I mentioned before, this pricing structure probably does still need some work. We'll definitely take your valuable input into consideration as we address this. Thank you!

Hannes Bez
Director of Customer Experience - Staytuned (ADG)

2023년 11월 20일

Very hard to work with

Uma Oils
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답글 Staytuned개 2023년 11월 22일

Thanks for taking the time to let us know about your frustration. I know our support team is currently working with you to try and figure out exactly which part of the app you're struggling with. Please know that this is a top priority for us - I'll be overseeing the case personally.

Hannes Bez | Director of Customer Experience

2021년 2월 3일

If you want an app and a good support, this app is not the one, because I just got an issue with the app and I wrote for support but the first email answer me that I set up bad the app, I anwers again for help but after that I didn't get any response, Don't pay for this.

Hush Puppies Honduras
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답글 Staytuned개 2021년 2월 3일

Hi, sorry for the delay, I was checking how the DCart app behaves alongside our app, with our app activated and deactivated. The issue is the same when our app doesn't run, it does fill the DCart discount field with %20 empty parameter (http://somup.com/crnfVho9bX). I've dropped an email to the DCart developers just now, hopefully they come back to me soon. My colleague will also try something in a few hours, when he's back at the office. We'll keep you posted via email.

2018년 10월 31일

it simply does not work.
we've paid for both premium and for advanced rules add on but discounts don't apply.
support did not help us sort this out and we're now giving it another shot addressing them in trying to sort the issue.

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답글 Staytuned개 2019년 4월 16일

Thanks for the feedback.

2019년 5월 13일

Counterintuitive and difficult to use. After being installed for some time I then noticed zero sales and investigated why. Source code fault on the APP. 1 week later still no resolution... Oh boy :(

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답글 Staytuned개 2019년 5월 14일

UPDATE on 05/16/2019: We found the cause of the broken checkout. It was cause by the discount code name itself (15%_OFF_US_$100_OR_MORE). Special characters like % and $ and even underscore shouldn't be used in the coupon code name.


Hi Mark, thanks for the feedback. We sent a login request but it stayed "pending" for 5 days and then got rejected. The issues you faced was specific to your store, we couldn't reproduce this issue our our 3 dev stores. We actually tried many things to fix it our side, but it's almost impossible to reproduce the same store environment with the same apps, same scripts, same theme with the same customization. I apologize for the inconvenience it caused to your business, sincerely. If you want to give another shot to the app, on your live store or on a clone store with the same setup, let us know and we will work on it as long as it's fixed.

2016년 11월 28일

It's stopped working and it's caused major issues midway through an ad campaign and now we have lots of angry customers who thought they were getting money off!

The back office now displays
504 Gateway Time-out

nginx/1.4.6 (Ubuntu)

Not good.

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답글 Staytuned개 2019년 4월 16일

Hi, since your review, we have split the app in 3 servers:
- one for the admin part of the app (what merchants play with)
- one for the store side (what customers play with)
- one for what applies the discount automatically
Therefore we split the load and prevent this from happening again.

2023년 3월 16일에 편집됨

We have received the worst service in the last three months, and if we had zero stars, I would take it in a heartbeat. Their apps charge high commissions and give very poor service. They charge commission for all the orders in our store that use promo codes, even though these orders and discounts are not generated by their APP. They wrongly collect over a thousand dollars, and this error continues. They always tell you that we are trying to fix this BUG, but in fact they do nothing, they continue this error every day. They promised to refund the money, but soon after they made the payment, they complained to PayPal to refund them. They did all this without any communication or explanation to us. Now they have got the refund back, and their mistake is still continuing. Keep your eyes peeled, users, and double-check your bills. What happened to us may be happening to you, too, but you may not be aware of it.

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답글 Staytuned개 2023년 3월 16일

Thanks for taking the time to update your review. I understand your frustration, particularly given the issues you experienced with the bug that cost you so much money.

We quickly fixed that bug and have been trying to refund you the money you lost ever since. The bug remains fixed and the money's been automatically returned back to us through Paypal each time, and we've received no reply from you when attempting to contact you about this over email.

I'm not sure if you're just not receiving those emails or if there's another issue here. I'll be reaching out to you directly outside of our support platform to see if we can get to the bottom of this.


Hannes Bez | Director of Customer Experience