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25 maart 2023

We use the app to apply discounts to product variants which is not possible natively in Shopify. The app works fine and the support is very helpful. Just the pricing might lead to us implementing the functionality by ourselves.

App gebruikt gedurende 6 dagen
StayTuned heeft geantwoord 27 maart 2023

Thank you for the feedback! We had a great time helping you out! Please let us know if you need help with anything else, we're here whenever you need us.

One of our top specialists, Myam, also reached out to you through e-mail to discuss any issues you may have with our pricing. Your satisfaction is our number 1 priority! We look forward to hearing from you!

25 juli 2022

This app comes with great customer service. Appreciate that the app works with multiple currencies. Looking forward to the progress bar rolling out in August.

Danica Studio
App gebruikt gedurende 12 dagen
11 mei 2022

The app was awesome in helping us implement a tiered/progressive discount experience for our customers which ultimately lead to an increase in AOV. Derek and his team were extremely diligent helping us track down a small but frustrating issue. Very excited for the updates in the coming months.

18.21 Man Made
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App gebruikt gedurende 2 maanden
9 december 2021

This app allowed me to have automatic discounts apply during our Black Friday tiered discount sale! There are several other features, but it's a little confusing to use, so there's a bit of a learning curve.

Lotus Energy
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App gebruikt gedurende Ongeveer 2 maanden
StayTuned heeft geantwoord 9 december 2021

Thanks for the feedback! About the confusion, we're always trying to improve the admin UI, as indeed when you are adding more features on a monthly basis, it can get crowded in there.

5 november 2021

I used it to create promotion with gift. It will be nice to have bulk setting since we have 1000s products needed to create gift for our loyal customers.

Test Lord and Taylor
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App gebruikt gedurende Ongeveer een jaar
StayTuned heeft geantwoord 5 november 2021

Thanks for the feedback, we will add the idea for a future release.

25 oktober 2021

We love this app! It's a great way to support retention and give back some love to customers. We're particularly obsessed with smart deals and gifting functionality. EXACTLY what we needed. Support is a bit slow sometimes confusing to work with but the app is worth it.

Beauty by Earth
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App gebruikt gedurende 12 maanden
19 september 2021

Excellent app. $20 000 convention in 5 weeks but it must appear next to a product. Showing at checkout is not enough.

App gebruikt gedurende 3 maanden
StayTuned heeft geantwoord 20 september 2021

Thanks for your feedback. The savings can be displayed in a Congrats popup and/or in the cart, before checkout. Thanks to Online Store 2.0 and Shopify's new theme engine, we'll come up shortly with more theme extensions, one of them being on the product pages.

24 november 2020

We used this app to automatically add a free gift to the cart during a sale period. Worked well and support was very responsive. Would have been better if the gift was able to be added with a coupon code but this was the next best solution. Is it frustrating that Shopify turns over basic functionality to 3rd party apps? Yes, totally. But if you have to play in this sandbox I'm glad that Tabarnapp has stepped into help.

Piazza Hospitality Store
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App gebruikt gedurende 3 maanden
StayTuned heeft geantwoord 24 november 2020

Thanks for the review! Triggering a gift with a code is a feature we have in our short term roadmap. We'll ping you once it's ready.

20 juli 2020

work good for me, wish you could remove discount in cart or add a second discount code in the cart.

B-Driven Sports
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App gebruikt gedurende Meer dan 2 jaar
StayTuned heeft geantwoord 20 juli 2020

Thanks for the feedback! About the "wish you could remove discount in cart", if you refer to Shopify's automatic discount, once it applies it's locked at checkout and cannot be removed. In the case of tiered discounts (eg. 10% off if $100 in cart, 15% off if $200 in cart, etc), we recommend using discount codes and automating their application using our app's discount rules.

About "adding a second discount code in the cart", that's something we're currently working on. We'll be in touch when it's live.

6 juli 2020

The discount rules work great for our store. Support has always been quick and reliable when a hiccup arises.

Trees of Antiquity
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