Automizely Dropshipping App

Automizely Dropshipping App

par Automizely & AfterShip

US/EU Drop Shipping Products. AliExpress, Fast & Free Shipping

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Extensive Product Selection

Avoid customer interaction with any of your suppliers to provide a branded shopping experience. Dropship as a brand.

US Local + Global Suppliers

Ship any product to the US fast. Do that while tracking your orders in every step of the way and avoid unwanted support emails.

Free & Trackable Shipping

Have your orders carried out by professional logistics providers for a guaranteed service you can rely on.

À propos de Automizely Dropshipping App

This Complete One-Stop Dropshipping Solution is All you Need to Start Your Online Business! Sell quality products with fast trackable shipping to the US and many other countries. Everything is automated - we manage the listing, purchase, and tracking numbers updates back to your store.

With our super-easy interface, hot-selling branded products, and express shipping you get everything you need to start your dropshipping business on the right foot.

(1) Highly Discounted Quality Products

Find the right products to sell online from thousands of branded products sourced from trusted dropshipping suppliers worldwide.

(3) Make more money

Save time and effort. Instantly find the products you are looking for with a search bar.

(5) Free Shipping

Fast and trackable shipping to the US and many other countries.

(6) Trackable Delivery

Build brand trust with trackable delivery & express free shipping to US customers.

(7) Pricing Automation

Set your pricing rules once and apply them automatically when adding products to your import list. Assign a fixed price, multiplier, and compared price to imported products.

(8) Product Editor

Easily edit product details: photos, title, descriptions, Shopify collection, product type, and tags at once.

(9) 1-Click Import to Shopify

Sync your Shopify store and import dropshipping products in a single click. No code is needed. Import products to the Shopify store in bulk and go live in minutes.

(10) Dropshipping Order Management

Easily manage your Shopify orders and alert suppliers to start shipping from one place. Make a direct payment to your dropshipping supplier from the order management dashboard once the order is shipped.

(11) Get your brand logo printed on order packages

Reinforce your brand identity. Put your brand logo stickers on order packages shipped from China. Make your dropshipping orders easily recognizable and build trust with your customers with branded packaging. Just talk to our support team to get your logo on order boxes.

(12) Auto-Update Tracking Number to Shopify

Auto-update Shopify with the tracking number upon shipment.

(13) Low-Risk Approach

Ecommerce businesses can choose from thousands of top-quality products at Automizely and start selling them instantly, without stockpiling inventory. Electronics, fashion, beauty, phones, or accessories. You name the category, it's there.

(14) 24/7 Support

We’re here to help! Our support team is available 24/7 and dedicated to helping dropshippers grow their brand fast.

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4.8 de 5 étoiles

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Avis les plus récents

Home Shopping World

I see many positive reviews. I had the worst experience with the app and its work process and its customer service. I am going to uninstall it as soon as remaining issues are resolved. In my case, I picked products that ships from USA only because I have customers only in USA and they would want fast shipping. And their products gets sold out very often and don't even sync online and let customers just buy it anyways. Automizely will never let you know it's out of stock, until you actually contact them. I've made a payment within few hours when I get orders, but shipping won't happen for 3 days they say but it does not happen for more than a week. They don't even notify you it's out of stock and have China ship to your customer which would take 15-30 days to deliver. Their customer service so bad that none of them actually take responsibility to take care of the issue. They just say "We will check on it and get back to you in couple of hours." and I haven't heard any response for 5 days. You will have to keep contacting them. But the funny thing is that the next agent that you will talk to has no idea what your issue was so that you will have to explain all thing again and he/she would say "sorry for the inconvenience. we will forward this to our dev team and get back to you." and you have to wait several days. Your order shipment will only start after 3 days of making payment. And its actual shipment will take more days to begin. If your online store has no priority in shipping and you can let your customers wait weeks to month till they get the package, then this app could be considerable. If you want to face irresponsible and dumb customer service agents and keep wasting your time, this app is right for you. This app actually made a big impact bringing down my online store's credibility that I built with customers for a year.


I see many positive reviews about this app, but for me I had a very bad experience with this app & their customer service. The most important thing for me is the delivery time for the orders so, handling time is more than 3 days & the delivery time is more than 20 days most of the orders take more than 20 days & I'm providing the tracking numbers & you can check by yourself. They use Yunexpress. YT2123521266143941: 22 days YT2120721222007352: 20 days YT2124421266078553: 24 days When I kept asking them to ship my orders, they told me that to move somewhere else because they don't need my subsequent orders.

Doll Baby Boutique LLC

I have no complaints thus far. It's been a great app. It's super easy to navigate. And customer services are quick to respond.