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23 janvier 2024

This has been a great tool for bringing new clients to my shop! I am seeing a good number of referrals come through as a result; it runs smoothly and is completely automated, which is fantastic! Customer service is great as well if you have questions. I highly recommend this app!

The MW Company
8 mois d’utilisation de l’application
9 mars 2024

Seems okay so far, just waiting for the branding to be removed, will update once Ive had more chance to use the app and all the features, thank you

Sexy Emporium
4 jours d’utilisation de l’application
18 février 2024

Why is this free? The app is one of the best out here! I’ll gladly pay $100 per mo!

Environ 2 mois d’utilisation de l’application
9 avril 2024

It's been super helpful, you can do a lot with the free version! Super happy so far with the customer attention and the way it works.

Saloot Global SL
Environ 16 heures d’utilisation de l’application
2 juin 2024

Complete app for marketing, intuitive and easy

Sailing Point
7 jours d’utilisation de l’application
28 janvier 2024

i LOVE the Customer service I just started using this service in my Shopify store and I like the way things are set up.My customers can refer people with a few clicks that's awesome..

9 mois d’utilisation de l’application
26 mars 2024

I'm happy this app use after

Lixify Deals
Environ un mois d’utilisation de l’application
31 mars 2024

Good support and really easy to use!

Every Day Better
2 mois d’utilisation de l’application
7 mars 2024

Quick customer service, Shaim was able to help our team quickly!

Viridian Bay
21 jours d’utilisation de l’application
15 mai 2024

Pretty basic but allows you to create multiple campaigns and is 100% free. Hopefully it will soon have analytics to track clicks and sources.

Liquid Hammocks
Environ une heure d’utilisation de l’application