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Customer Journeys, Customer Data Platform (CDP) and Analytics

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Win more customers

Turn browsers into subscribers and subscribers into customers with powerful pop ups, forms, spin wheels and widgets for your store.

Make more money

Switch ON campaigns for all the things you should be doing: cart abandonment, new customer welcome & back in stock notifications.

Stay one step ahead

Visualise the results with reports and pre-built dashboards for your Shopify store. See missed opportunities and take action to grow faster.

Über Autopilot

Grow your brand faster with a customer data and marketing automation platform designed for businesses who sell online.

We've brought your customer data, audiences, marketing and analytics together on one platform - all you have to do is switch it ON.

Target the audiences that matter most

  • When you connect your customer data we'll unlock a single view of your customer and help you understand which audiences you should be targeting across the customer lifecycle.
  • Switch ON campaigns to target subscribers, customers, abandoned carts, Customers waiting on stock, repeat customers, abandoned browsers and VIP customers.

Send highly personalized multi-channel messages

  • Deliver the right message, to the right audience, at the right moment with multi-channel journeys and marketing campaigns designed to drive growth across the customer lifecycle.
  • Automate messages at every stage of the journey to recover abandoned carts, turn browsers into customers and welcome subscribers.
  • Orchestrate email, pop ups and retargeting messages. Deliver the right message, on the right channel at precisely the right time.

Turn insights into action with advanced analytics

  • Take immediate action on insights you discover from your connected customer data platform with reports and dashboards. Discover the website and activity that leads to revenue.
  • A simple and visual report builder can answer questions that span multiple data sources, for example "Which UTM campaign led to the most orders?".
  • Build funnels and cohorts that show every step of your marketing funnel. See drop off points in the customer journey and take action to increase conversion rates.
  • Combine all of your needle moving metrics on a single dashboard. Easily set goals and share dashboards with your whole team.

Join thousands of brands delivering a better customer experience with Autopilot

Integriert mit

  • Facebook Ads,
  • Recurly,
  • Slack,
  • Stripe





  • Includes 2,000 subscribers and 8,000 emails
  • Pop ups, forms and spin wheels
  • Abandon cart recovery
  • Email campaigns
  • Analytics and dashboards

Autopilot Campaign


Includes 2,000 subscribers and 8,000 emails per month. Fees apply for additional subscribers & email sent.

  • All features from Free plan
  • Audience retargeting
  • Email support
  • Remove powered by Autopilot

Autopilot Pro


Includes to 5,000 subscribers and 20,000 emails per month. Fees apply for additional subscribers & email sent.

  • All features from Campaign plan
  • A/B testing
  • Funnel reports
  • Send from custom email domain

Autopilot Business


Includes to 20,000 subscribers and 80,000 emails per month. Fees apply for additional add-ons, subscribers & email sent.

  • All features from Pro plan
  • Send from custom email IP
  • Cohort reports
  • Roles and permissions
  • Priority support

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3.4 von 5 Sternen

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Aktuellste Rezensionen

Manifest and Flow

The app is not well laid out so makes it extremely frustrating to use. 9/10 you will get an error message that something cannot load in the dashboard so it doesn’t work. The customizations are limited. Worst part is after I deleted the app, the pop up remains and it would pop up at such a high frequency customers would get annoyed. So I wasn’t capturing any emails (app was deleted) I was just annoying customers with the pop up. Spent a lot of time getting it sorted - still not fixed but wasted a lot of time and lost sales because of this app.

I am unable to test the campaigns with actual items shown, though - for whatever reason Autopilot doesn't seem to populate those when testing. In the preview they generate, one of the emails appears to overflow the right edge on mobile, but in the test that I can send, that doesn't happen on my phone. I'm inclined to think it's a glitch in their preview tool, but without being able to send a preview that includes products, I can't say for sure.


Had some small issues connecting, but that could be the Shopify part. After that, it really works like a charm. Very well integrated. You immediately get pre-made Activities like "Abandoned cart" and "Back in Stock" etc. which you can use everywhere. You can see it's very well thought out because you can dive into the customer details and see all the details around that customer's activity including any interaction with your Shopify account. I really like the fact that you can expand it with 'Show details" and see an image and the product which for example was left in the cart. Also, the auto-populating in the filters makes it a breeze to retarget and use the information in the Playbook or any campaign.