AVASync: Mailchimp Integration

AVASync: Mailchimp Integration


Sync data to Mailchimp, Boost email marketing campaign

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Automated sync all data

AVASync auto-transfers all Shopify data (products, customers, orders) to Mailchimp. Any new event occurs, it will be updated immediately.

Save bulk time and effort

Don’t wait your time on manually entering data from Shopify to Mailchimp. Let AVASync do it entirely and accurately for you.

Boost up marketing campaigns

Updated and exact data input assure your marketing campaigns on Mailchimp run smoothly and effectively.

关于 AVASync: Mailchimp Integration

How does AVASync app work?

To optimize the data synchronizing, AVASync app runs through the following simple process:

  1. Connect your Mailchimp account with your Shopify store. You can log in or sign up a Mailchimp account right at the app.
  2. Choose specific data to be sync only. Or just sync all data.
  3. Track sync process in percentage completion
  4. Save all sync transactions with details

Especially, once the data has been synchronized the first time, they will be auto-updated to Mailchimp as soon as changes occur later. Thanks to this, you do not need to worry about any changes on your Shopify stores.

Key advantages of using AVASync app

  • Connect to Mailchimp smoothly
  • Save a lot of time and resource to import data to Mailchimp
  • Always keep new data updated to Mailchimp
  • Better customer care and follow up services
  • Spend more time to focus on marketing campaigns
  • Get instant support and life-time updates

Outstanding features of AVASync app

Auto-sync customers, products and orders data

It can be said that all data of your Shopify store can be transferred to Mailchimp using the AVASync app.

To make the sync process easier to control, this app divides all data into Customer, Product and Order section. Shopify admin can view the data list will be sync in each section. If you agree to sync all data listed, just click “Sync Now“ button. Everything else will be done by the app.

Sync selected info using Mapping fields

In case you would like to keep some data secret on your Shopify store only. You can definitely select to sync certain information to Mailchimp.

Mapping Fields function lists all data objects of two systems that enable you to add/remove/edit each field from your stores before synchronizing them to Mailchimp.

Track sync errors easily

Sync logs save all failed transactions along with the error messages. Hence, admins can quickly check the issue and update it in time.

Set rules to sync certain orders

Order Sync Rules is an advanced feature of AVASync app. You can easily filter to sync orders with specific conditions:

  • Order status
  • Payment status
  • Fulfillment status

Full Features List

  • Enable app by one-click
  • Connect/ Register to Mailchimp account right on the app
  • Auto-sync all customers, products and orders data to Mailchimp -Select certain data fields to be sync by mapping Shopify and Mailchimp objects
  • Insert/Edit data variables on Shopify flexibly before sync
  • Set up order sync rules based on order status, payment status and fulfillment status.
  • Track error sync logs: objects, sync date, error message
  • Re-sync the failed data
  • Lifetime updates and instant support





5.0 评分


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I'm surprised to see I am the first user to rate this quality App! Shopify no longer has any native integration with MailChimp, so I searched the App store and found AVASynch. It was simple to install and connect with MailChimp. It enables entries into the built-in Shopify Newsletter section to add subscribers to MailChimp. In addition, any customer that's added in Shopify (through a purchase, etc.) is also added to your MailChimp list. Excellent! Often, what impresses me most about a company is when they care enough to provide quality support; especially for a FREE product. I had a minor issue after installing, so I reached out to Avada. They responded on the same day and the issue was resolved immediately. I am very impressed with Avada Commerce!