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2 août 2023

Avada's Trust Badges Sale Pop-up is a game-changing tool for any e-commerce business seeking to significantly elevate customer trust and engagement levels. This feature-rich application combines a host of robust attributes – countdown timer, trust badges, sales pop, free shipping bar, and announcement bar, to name a few – all in one sleek and user-friendly interface. Best of all, it's free, making it a remarkably valuable tool for those on a tight budget.

The countdown timer feature is particularly impressive, imbuing a sense of urgency into the shopping experience that can help drive quicker purchasing decisions. It's customizable and easy to set up, giving you control over your sales and promotions.

The trust badges are another standout feature. In the online shopping world, building trust is paramount, and Avada provides a diverse range of visually appealing trust badges that can be easily integrated into your store. These badges have the potential to ease customer concerns and significantly reduce cart abandonment rates.

The sales pop feature is excellent for highlighting real-time purchases made by other customers. This social proof technique can give prospective buyers that little push they need to complete their purchases, knowing others are doing the same.

The free shipping bar and announcement bar features are fantastic additional tools for any online store. They offer an efficient way to communicate important information, sales, and deals to customers. The free shipping bar can especially play a crucial role in customer decision-making processes, as many online shoppers prioritize stores that offer free shipping.

The overall aesthetics and usability of Avada Trust Badges Sale Pop-up are also commendable. The app is easily integrated and requires minimal technical know-how, making it accessible for all types of users. It is also responsive, ensuring it functions flawlessly across various devices.

One potential improvement could be the addition of more customization options for trust badges and announcement bars. This would allow store owners to further tailor their interface to their brand identity. However, this is a minor point given the overall utility of the application.

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Modifié le 21 décembre 2022

I had to take the time to write another review of Avada Trust Badge, Sale pop-up as I've been getting support setting it up for my store. I can't recommend Avada enough. Not only has Avada helped my store stand out, but what has really stood out is their 24/7 support. I had a support agent stay on chat with me on a couple things i needed corrected for over 3 hours and never once stopped helping me the whole time. That's a record. I would like to thank Emily for all the help she provided as well as Prakash. They both made this whole process easy to integrate into my store on desktop and mobile with endless amounts of help. I want to again thank Avada 24/7 support for standing out from the rest and actually being there for the customers until the problems solved. Avada has had the best support of any site app or online service I personally have ever used. Thank you Emily and Prakash for making this entire process easy for me and I can't tell how much it is appreciated. Also thank you to all the Avada support for help and showing me an example of what a 24/7 chat support should be. Also Avada will be taking my store to the next level so I could go on and on about my experience but all in all I again highly recommend Avada trust badge, Sale pop-up. Can't express that enough. Thanks again for everything. I wanted to share this to anyone who is thinking of what to choose for their store, this is the it. Sincerely, Trey

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4 août 2023

Showing people that you're trustworthy means a lot. It helps build enough confidence for a buyer to purchase your product, most especially by showing buyers your payment options are one in a million. I tried different apps for these trust badges but almost all of them want me to purchase which isn't bad anyway, but I'm also glad there's a wonderful app like Avada out here offering these free of charge. Thanks to jasmine for enabling all the trust badges for me and also responding on such short notice. Thanks team Avada for such a productive software

30 jours d’utilisation de l’application
30 décembre 2022

Came by this app just browsing the app store and wow did I strike gold!!! On top of all of the tools is has, FOR FREE, the support is on a whole other level!!!! Seriously, I've never met anyone go out of their way to like Esther is doing for me right now. Not only did she help me with every single thing I needed to have done on the app and my page, she's even looking into fixing some code on my shopify theme, which the shopify developers have been neglecting to look at forever! I'm actually kind of shocked that the support team from an app would help me with my shopify theme code................. Absolutely EPIC.

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27 août 2023

Showing people that you can be trusted means a lot. It helps build enough confidence for buyers to buy your product. I tried different apps to get these trust badges, but most of them required me to pay for a subscription to use the premium features. Until I came across Avada, which not only has trust badges, but also has a lot of useful features, such as sticky shopping carts, inventory alerts, etc. It is nice to have a great app like Avada that provides these apps for free. Thanks to Esther for enabling all the trust badges for me and for responding in such a short time. Thanks Avada team for such efficient software

Environ un mois d’utilisation de l’application
13 juin 2023

HEYYYY!! Hope I got your attention. Anyways I cannot thank Juliana (Aka the new queen) enough for helping me. I cannot imagine how it is for nice people like her, let me repeat - LIKE HER, to answer to questions and to help people all day long. If I could rate our conversation It would be a definitive 1111/5, as she talks as a normal human being while still being professional and showing her knowledge in her work. Altogether this was both an amazing time and helpful. So you better be nice to her!!! Got me to the point where I wanted to kneel without proposing and begging for this review!!

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16 février 2023

A great app, unbelievably it's free :D
It gives you a lot of opportunities to customize your shop and skyrocket your conversion rate.
It works really well, I've never had any issues. Honestly what I use are just the Inactive tab and Sticky add to cat, cause that's all I need, but the app has much more to offer.
For so many months I needed only once to contact customer support due to theme update. Jasmine replied to me in seconds and fixed my issue, honestly in less than two minutes without any unnecessary explanations from my side.
She's amazing and so does this app. :)))

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21 juillet 2023

As a Shopify store owner, I was on the lookout for a reliable and easy-to-use trust badge app to enhance my customers' confidence while shopping on my website. After trying out several options, I stumbled upon the "Avada Trust Badge" app, and I couldn't be happier with my discovery!

The app's functionality is top-notch. Setting up and customizing the trust badges was a breeze, even for someone like me who doesn't have much technical expertise. I could easily choose from a wide variety of pre-designed trust badges or create my own using the intuitive badge editor.

What really impressed me was the level of customization available with Avada. I could place the trust badges strategically across my product pages, cart page, and even on my homepage. This ensured that my customers could see the trust signals throughout their shopping journey, thereby building trust and credibility.

The app's seamless integration with my Shopify theme was a huge relief. I was worried that adding an app might disrupt the aesthetics of my store, but Avada proved me wrong. The badges blended perfectly with my store's design, giving it a professional touch.

Customer support was another standout aspect of Avada. I had a minor query during setup, and their support team was lightning-fast in their response and incredibly helpful. It's reassuring to know that I can rely on them if I face any issues down the road.

Since using the Avada Trust Badge app, I've noticed a positive impact on my store's conversion rates. Customers have mentioned feeling more secure and confident in making purchases, resulting in a noticeable boost in sales.

The app's pricing is reasonable, especially considering the value it adds to my business. It's a small investment that pays off in a big way.

In conclusion, I highly recommend the "Avada Trust Badge" app to any Shopify store owner looking to instill trust and confidence in their customers. It's user-friendly, visually appealing, and does wonders for conversion rates. Thank you, Avada, for creating such a fantastic app!

18 jours d’utilisation de l’application
3 décembre 2022

The app is working out best now for me. I tried many apps with many features but the best I found was the all-in-one features of this app. I don't need to install many apps for different things, this saves me time and productivity. Also, the support team is absolutely amazing, they sort out any problem almost instantly and you don't need to worry about it again. 5 STARS FROM ME!

4 mois d’utilisation de l’application
2 juin 2023

I recently had the pleasure of using the Avada Trust Badges Sale Pop-up app, and I must say, it has exceeded my expectations in every way possible. This incredible tool has revolutionized the way I build trust with my customers, and the impact on my sales has been phenomenal.

First and foremost, I want to highlight the exceptional assistance I received from Lydia, the app's helpful assistant. Lydia was incredibly knowledgeable, patient, and responsive throughout my entire experience. She went above and beyond to ensure that I understood all the features and functionalities of the app, making the setup process seamless and hassle-free. Having such reliable support truly made a significant difference in my journey with Avada Trust Badges.

Now, let's dive into the features of the app itself. Avada Trust Badges Sale Pop-up offers an extensive collection of eye-catching badges that instantly grab the attention of my website visitors. These badges effectively convey trust and credibility, making my customers feel secure and confident while making their purchasing decisions.

One of the standout features of Avada Trust Badges is the flexibility it offers in customization. The app allows me to choose from a wide range of pre-designed badges or create my own personalized ones to align perfectly with my brand's aesthetics. The customization options are abundant, giving me complete control over badge positioning, colors, and styles. It's a delight to have such creative freedom!

Furthermore, the app seamlessly integrates with my website, ensuring a smooth and cohesive browsing experience for my customers. The pop-up functionality is intuitive and unobtrusive, allowing the badges to appear at just the right moments without being overly distracting. This elegant approach strikes the perfect balance between drawing attention and maintaining a clean user interface.

The analytics dashboard provided by Avada Trust Badges is a goldmine of information. It offers valuable insights into customer engagement, click-through rates, and conversions, allowing me to make data-driven decisions to further optimize my sales strategy. I truly appreciate how the app empowers me to continuously improve my customer's experience and boost my conversion rates.

In conclusion, Avada Trust Badges Sale Pop-up is a game-changer when it comes to instilling trust and credibility in an online business. With its impressive range of features, impeccable customization options, and the outstanding support provided by Lydia, I couldn't be more satisfied with this app. If you're looking to enhance customer trust and drive sales, I highly recommend Avada Trust Badges Sale Pop-up—it's a must-have for any e-commerce entrepreneur!

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