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Redigerat 22 september 2023

UPDATE: There are bugs all the time showing again and again, so you need to check it all the time((( Staff, when contacted, doesn't take even time to look at screenshot, arguing with you.
This app has bugs, but their staff goes beyond any limits to help to fix it! Hey, it's a free app and it has some very valuable for any shop features.

SVE Jewels
3 månader användning av appen
16 mars 2023

never use this useless app its only slow your site never use this useless app its only slow your site

5 månader användning av appen
Redigerat 20 januari 2023

I am using this from last 2 months on my 2 Shopify store app is good. I only have to install one app it has many functionality like sticky add to cart, multi pixel, trust badges, stock count down, live chat etc.
The only problem is some glitches sometime sticky ATC and other functions stop working so I have turn off and then on to fix this which is irritating but overall you can give it try.

and support team is great in just few sec they reach you on chat to fix any issue you have. and I big thanks to Sunny for helping.


what a sh**t app the sticky ATC turn off automatically. AVG 3 time in a week I have to contact the support team all the time to fix this issue. they just republished the theme after few hours it's start doing the same thing.

Because I have install session recording app so I can see what people doing on store. sometimes when customer click the Sticky Buy now button they didn't f**king redirect to the checkout page it's just reload the tap and they leave, wtf.
looking for a alternative and just waiting to delete this sh**t ap.

4 dagar användning av appen
2 januari 2023

No setting has been working for two days, the app simply isn't working, it's a default shopify theme, only that they claim they have to enter the store with permissions, instead of checking the compatibility of their app with the reference store. As if it wasn't their fault at all even if everything is enabled here. They will keep haphazardly blaming without helping you, refer you to childish setup guides, simply because they don't want to fix their application.

Ungefär 17 timmar användning av appen
Avada svarade 2 januari 2023

We are so sorry for the unsatisfied experience you 've had with the app. It should not have happened in such the way and we totally understand that the app is not for everyone.

Regarding the issue with trust badges, announcement bar and live chat, they are supposed be active on your store after being configured within the application. However, if it is an edge case, we would love to access your theme to configure them for you. Since the app is embed with the Theme 2.0, all the app applications will be edited and applied via theme settings. That it is the reason, we ask for the permission to access.

We know that theme permission is relatively sensitive data for you, so we ensure that we will safe-guard it when we work on that and we definitely ask for your permission if we may change anything in your theme.

We are trying everyday to learn and improve the app with new features and versions and then contribute for the community.

We have sent you a follow-up email. Please check your email box to receive our update.

Best regards,