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17. Mai 2024

Pamela was so helpful! For some reason when installing the app and cookie bar it didn't last long. When reaching out for help she was able to go in on her end to add the missing piece I needed in order to re install it. I would recommend their app as their customer service was quick and resourceful.

Bliss Inspire
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8. Mai 2024

Had an absolutely fantastic support from Esther. She was totally amazing at helping with several questions and issues that I encountered with the app. Esther provided very thorough explanations with screenshots to better visualized the steps required, and she was very prompt with assisting with my requests and professional. Very friendly and kind interaction. I can't recommend enough Esther for her diligent customer service and very happy with the app overall. Thanks a million!

Brin d’Arômes
Mehr als ein jahr mit der App
15. April 2024

My star rating is for the service as they have asked me to write them a review. I do not know how good the app is as I've only just set it up.
The service I received from Tiana was excellent and without fault, I hope the app is as good!

Educational Toys
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11 monate mit der App
15. Mai 2024

Avada Cookies Consent is a really good app with very helpful and responsive customer service. When I had questions CS rep Audrey really came through with the detailed answers I needed. Another thing that's really appealing about the app is its customizable color styling that can provide a variety of appearance options for different websites. If your market requires cookie consent for site visitors, I highly recommend this app.

EMMA JEAN | Official Online Store
4 monate mit der App
1. Mai 2024

Had an issue with Avada app during Dawn theme update. Support was excellent and fixed problem within a few minutes. Recommend!

Any Old Vintage
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11 monate mit der App
Avada hat geantwortet 7. Mai 2024

Thanks for the fantastic review and the perfect score. We really appreciate it!

If you ever need anything else, we're just a message away.

11. März 2024

Been using Avada consent banner for a while now. Had some issues after I updated my theme, however Avadas support was amazing. Spoke with Esther who fixed the issue for me within a few minutes and did so with great professionalism. Will be installing a few more Avada Apps now!

Threaded Moments
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9 monate mit der App
8. Mai 2024

Can only recommend this app. We love the design possibilities, e.g. the many different fonts you can use.
The customer service (Lydia and Liz) was amazing - so nice, always responded within minutes and was so helpful & even implemented some special requests we had.

Cradle Studio
12 tage mit der App
15. Mai 2024

Great app!
Works perfectly fine and Mia from the support team was really helpful.

8 monate mit der App
5. Mai 2024

Hana was great helped me with an issue and the app works really well. I defiently recommend!

Vereinigtes Königreich
7 monate mit der App
Avada hat geantwortet 7. Mai 2024

That's wonderful to hear! I'm so glad Hana was able to assist you and that everything is working smoothly with the app. Thanks for the recommendation. It means a lot to us!

6. März 2024

Avada is a great app! All works accordingly and if something is broken their service is top notch! Immediate response and problems are always solved within just a couple of minutes, keep up the great work! Will definitely recommend! The help from Sunny is always great!

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