AVADA Discount Code Generator

AVADA Discount Code Generator

door AVADA

Mass discount code generator, Import custom codes in bulk

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Unlimited codes generated

There is no limit of code quantity generated for each discount. By a few clicks, you can create a unique discount code pool easily.

Time and effort saving

No manual code generation anymore. You can save plenty of time and effort using Avada Discount Code Generator.

Easy to install and use

One-click installation is supported. Also, the simple and friendly app interface helps admin complete their task with ease.

Over AVADA Discount Code Generator

What problem does Discount Code Generator solve?

In Shopify, at one time, admins can only create a discount with a single code. Unfortunately, most of the time, admins want to have multiple codes for the same discount so that they can share those unique codes to different customers.

Understanding that, Discount Code Generator by Avada is built to help Shopify stores generate a code pool for any existing discount rule.

Benefits using Discount Code Generator App

  • Allow admins to create unlimited discount codes
  • Save a significant amount of time and effort comparing to manually generating code one by one
  • Very easy to use, take a few clicks to have a code pool
  • Prevent discount codes abuse with distinctive code series
  • Boost up personalized experiences for loyal customers by sharing unique code to them
  • Encourage shoppers engagements to your stores

Outstanding features of Discount Code Generator App

Create discount codes in bulk

Default Shopify stores solely allow you to create discount code one by one, which takes time and maybe error occurs as well. Now with Discount Code Generator, you can generate any quantity of codes for the same discount rule.

Random codes generated using pattern (unique)

Discount Code Generator allows stores to produce unlimited unique codes randomly based on a specific pattern. You only need to enter the code quantity you want to generate and the pattern (format) of those codes. Suggested patterns are available on the app as well.

For example, discount code pattern sent to customers on their birthday can be: Birthday-[3A]-[2N]-[4AN]

Import manually any custom code

Custom codes can be distributed in your physical stores to bring more personalized customer experience. If you want to encourage online purchases by those discount codes, you can easily import them by copy and paste that list into the app. There is no limit on code quantity and format imported.

Sort out created codes easily

You can also find any code you have created by entering its entire format. The result will let you know which discount the code belongs to. Sometimes, admin can use this to check certain code information to verify with their customer on special cases.

For example, to make sure a specific code is applied correctly within a valid time.

Discount code pool summary

Discount Importer provides a summary section for your code pool generation. In there, you can see:

  • Title of the code set
  • Pattern format explanation
  • Some pattern examples
  • Preview your entered pattern





5.0 van 5 sterren

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Meest recente recensies

Bubba Bags Chile

Great app, very easy to use. Been using it for a while for a couple of clients and I could say is easily the best custom discount code app out there. Support is also great!


Still the same comment, but I will add some for sure when I will have tested the app for real. I recently added this app and can’t really assess it’s value since actually my shop isn’t published, but for sure it seems very awesome and professional and made with care. And the best is that it’s free. These people are really doing a great job in helping small enterprises with a so kind attitude.


Did exactly what we needed . Very fast and straight forward app.
We are happy this app doesn't require user base access or order access so we keep our customers privacy . Looking forward for more upgrades (allowing generate gift-cards as well will be awesome )
Thank you