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Redigert 7. mai 2024

Great help from Hana.


After the first hype it was very difficult to setup the newsletter. I could not even send a test to all my subscribers. Support is slow, or dosn't know what to do.

Test failed -> App failed

No recommendation !

Ahoi Marie
15 dager bruker appen
Avada svarte 8. mai 2024

Dear Ahoi Marie's store owner,

We're glad to hear that Hana was able to provide you with great help initially. However, we're truly sorry to learn about the difficulties you encountered with setting up the newsletter and the subsequent support experience. Your feedback is essential for us to improve, and we're committed to addressing the issues you've raised.

We understand the frustration when things don't work as expected, and we're here to assist you in resolving any outstanding issues. Our support team has reached out to you via email for further assistance, and we sincerely hope that we can work together to address your concerns and improve your experience with our app. Your satisfaction is our top priority, and we appreciate your patience and cooperation.

Best regards,
Avada Support Team

10. mai 2024

That app doent have the main feature Abandoned Checkout Email with direct link to checkout.

Bienestar (world)
3 dager bruker appen
28. mai 2024

They promise you "unlimited contacts and emails" for $16 plan or at least what they state. BUT it is only when you install their app you will see that it is not unlimited, but in fact is very well limited to only 500 contacts...

Reporting them to Shopify for NAD

Innovato Design
15 minutter bruker appen
Avada svarte 29. mai 2024

Hi there,

We're sorry to hear about your dissatisfaction with our pricing structure and any confusion it may have caused. We want to clarify how our pricing works and address your concerns directly.

Our Pro plan, priced at $16 per month, includes services for up to 500 contacts and allows for 12,000 email sends per month. While the phrase "unlimited contacts and emails sent" might be misleading, it refers to the fact that you can add as many contacts and send as many emails as you need, but additional fees apply once you exceed the included 500 contacts and 12,000 email sends. For more detailed information, please visit the following link:

We apologize for any inconvenience this misunderstanding may have caused and appreciate your feedback. If you have any further questions or need more clarification, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Best regards,

Avada Support Team

2. oktober 2023

Does not work, no support, no refund!

I wanted to try a new email marketing tool. At first sight avada looked great. It turned out to be a time consuming mistake.

The tool does not work, all my campaigns have an open rate below 3%. With my other tool it was still 40%.
The import of contacts I had to do completely alone, because the technical team has never answered several times over days. you can always reach someone in live chat but they can not help. I have tried it for two weeks. the emails are not sent, opening rates extremely low. I cancelled the tool (within 30 days of my first purchase). They advertise a refund within the first 30 days. Submitted the refund request 2/3 weeks ago. they said 3-5 days. I still haven't received a single response from the refund team. once the live chat claimed it was only possible in the first 30 days, which is the case for me.

In the end, I have invested several weeks of time and money for a tool that does not work. I have never received a response from the refund. the main thing is to settle the money. I have now waited a really long time for a solution and never write reviews. but if I never come to a solution despite multiple letters then I now at least write my honest experience.

Better stay with the big reputable email marketing providers.

Glittery Shop
Rundt 1 måned bruker appen
5. september 2023

WOW this support is the worst I even seen, they have a problem with their system but there is no developer that can fix it, I'm waiting over a week and nothing, the app work well but if there is a problem no one is going to take care of it, it's not the first time they has an issue and i waited so many time and got 0 support

6 måneder bruker appen
8. september 2023

This is an app that you think does the job, but in the background it ruins your theme.
The app made my theme not work as it should, although I contacted the support and they "tried" to help me, they blame it on my theme, when it turned out that the error is their codes that blocked several functions in my store.

ANCI sport
8 måneder bruker appen
26. november 2023

trash app. They don't send out emails and thus ruin your campaigns. Even after waiting days, no solution. Horrible!

26 dager bruker appen
5. september 2023

Functionality is good but worst customer service of any app I have installed in 6 years. If you only need basic support via their chat you should be fine but any other issues they ( pretty sure it's just one person behind all these apps actually ) say that they are going to send to their " technical team " and NEVER hear back. Ever. Out of every single ticket. What technical team?!

Heather Freitas
Rundt 2 måneder bruker appen
8. november 2023

The app is good for customizing the newsletters but the servers they use are very bad, always getting blocked by the browser or antivirus. Had clients telling me too. My antivirus always finds their redirect server which they probably use for tracking the conversions as malware . Customer service is not great either. Shame I will be moving to a competitor.
2 måneder bruker appen
17. august 2023

they spam my email for internal glitched emails every 5-10 minutes for a past 2-3 weeks, i contacting them every day to solve the problem. nobody care, never received any feedback from them. support is useless.
asked to provide contact of supervisor, to aware of the problem. guess what nothing.

they trashed our corporate email . i can't find any useful email from my customers because, they sent a tousand of email for a past 2 weeks.

want to delete this shit and forget . give you 24h

F.O.X Nails USA
Rundt 2 måneder bruker appen