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Redigerat 11 januari 2023

Emily is a very bad support person. Told her i had an issue, got told to ignore it. Told her the issues weren't there on another theme and can i not fix the issue, her response was what issue??
Told her i would remove avada SEO as Yoast support, supports. Got told sorry to hear that??
Asked to speak to a manager, got told we are all in a meeting....very bad support. I will be removing this app and going over to Yoast

My Temptations
7 månader användning av appen
29 juli 2023

The following will be my honest experience with the app and my review of the features and benefits provided. I have used this app daily for the past 4 weeks. My understanding was the app would provide SEO optimization and increase the response and speed of my site loading. Throughout my 4 weeks of using this app, and learning the web development aspects as I went, I have come to realize that all of the services and benefits the app proclaims to provide, it does not. Or, if it does, it does not do so to a satisfactory enough level to warrant taking up any space within my website or even the list of apps that my website utilizes. I have found a significantly larger impact on both SEO optimization and speed increase by taking a hands-on approach and learning the intricacies of both categories myself.
Now, I understand that is a huge undertaking, that is the reason I initially installed this app. However, it has done nothing but prove to be a disappointment in comparison to the benefits advertised. Therefore, wanting to be transparent in my review, it is my review of this app and my suggestion to anyone who reads this review not to install this app as it does not provide what it promises. I hope I am able to save you some time. Furthermore, I just finished reaching out to the support team concerning the commonly utilized feature of “lazy loading” for my website. Specifically referring to images “below the fold.”I had just started this journey 4 months ago and was able to deduce what “below the fold” means when used in this reference. It was alarming to me that the support personnel was unfamiliar not only with the term but also with their features in relation to this term. He is going to have his technical support team reach out to me via email. So, in short; their app does not do what they claim and their support team is unable to provide support.

Main St Excl
14 dagar användning av appen
Avada svarade 2 augusti 2023


We sincerely apologize for the unhappy experience you encountered while using our app. We have conducted a thorough investigation into all the issues you raised in your recent emails.

Moving forward, we have sent you a follow up email explaining what we found out in full transparency. Please check your emailbox for further update.

Best regards,
Avada Support Team

30 juni 2023

Absolutely TERRIBLE!! DO NOT USE - You have been warned!
Lets start, once I'd done all the "basic steps" they tell you to they managed to slow my store down! (Opposite of speed it up!) They have lots of advertising and talk themselves up plenty by putting reviews everywhere. (I'm caused to wonder why they got those!) None of the features actually helped my site. I dropped from a 47 score to a 17 score while using these guys.
Someone else mentioned the requests to the site made and I've come across the same issue, they are sending so many requests that it slows everything down.
My advice - If you know what to do, do it yourself, otherwise use a different app!

30 dagar användning av appen
Avada svarade 30 juni 2023


Thank you for taking the time to share your feedback. We appreciate your honesty, and we're sorry to hear about your experience. At Avada, we strive to provide excellent service, and it's clear we fell short in this instance. We would like to apologize for any inconvenience or frustration you may have experienced.

After the thorough investigation from the development team, we have addressed your concern and found out the cause as well as solution for the speed issue. We have sent you an email with detail. Please check your mailbox for further update.

Thank you for your collaboration! We look forward to hearing from you soon

Best regards,
Avada Team

8 juli 2023

Not at all helpful. Decreased the speed score & even the basic things are under pro plan which is not at all good for starting stores

18 dagar användning av appen
Avada svarade 8 juli 2023


Firstly, we would like to take responsibility for the experience you had with our app.

First and foremost, I would like to extend my sincere apologies for any inconvenience you encountered while using our app. We noticed that you installed our app but quickly had a negative experience. Since we have not had the opportunity to communicate with you before, I would like to suggest a discussion to assist you in optimizing your website's speed and gain a better understanding of your specific requirements.

We have sent you a follow up email with details. Could you please check your emailbox and get back to us whenever you are available?

Your business with Avada is greatly appreciated. We are always there for you to assist you anytime you need us.

We are looking forward to hearing from you soon

Best regards,
Avada Support Team

14 januari 2021

I have tried uninstalling this app twice from my store now and in both cases I had nothing but trouble. Even now I still have the remnants of this app cluttering up my theme with lots of code staying behind in my theme, which does not get removed upon uninstalling the app.

Screen Print Direct
2 månader användning av appen
Avada svarade 14 januari 2021

I am Daisy from AVADA Team.

We have received your review about our SEO Suite app on Shopify store that said you had trouble when removing the code.

Firstly, I am truly sorry to hear that you have not had a great experience with our app. It should not have happened before!

Secondly, since we have not had a chance to communicate before, would you be willing to giving us an opportunity to connect with you and help you solve the raised issue?

I would love to ask for your permission to clear our your problem as follow:

There are 2 options to remove the app code:
Automatically or Manually (http://prntscr.com/wnv8b4)

There may have some pieces of code left on the site even you use the automatic option. In fact, after uninstalling almost all Shopify SEO apps, the code still remains on your website. That is because of how some features like meta tags or structured data from most SEO apps, which inserts snippets into your theme. Therefore, we need to do an extra step to edit theme (file liquid template) and get them removed.

We have sent you a follow-up email. Please kindly check your mailbox to get our update and solution.
Thank you so much for your generous support! I am looking forward to hearing from you soon.

Best regards,

8 december 2021

I'm getting the following error "Consecutive Sentences" in SEO Analysis. This is a 3K word Article. Tell me then,, why doesn't your stupid software HIGHLIGHT the error in question, if it knows exactly where these errors are located, OTHERWISE it wouldn't show this error, this is, oh i don't know to save your f***cking customer's time. DO you value your customer's time? I need the errors HIGHLIGHTED to fix them quickly

BITHAY® Wholesale
2 månader användning av appen
Avada svarade 8 december 2021


Rainy here from AVADA. I've checked your SEO product analysis and there is no problem with consecutive sentences, you can skip the error warning and rest assured about it!

I also shoot you a follow email, kindly check it so that we can assist you better.

Thank you,

27 juli 2022

Everyones experiences are different and this app has a lot of positive reviews which is why I choose it. Yes my speed increased. However, my recommendation is to not touch this app. Firstly, you need SEO knowledge of what each of the functions do so you can understand and implement them yourself. Secondly we couldn't get the image optimisation to work properly and I couldn't get a straight answer as to why and this took well over a week. I was then told to ignore the message on my dashboard as at their end it was showing as working. Thirdly and most importantly it clashed with a number of my apps resulting in my website crashing and loosing sales. I got told it would be referred to the development team but they never got back to me instead support staff inserted code to counteract the crash which resulted in other apps crashing. Support were friendly but actual help was inconsistent. I then uninstalled and was still charged for another month which I now have to 'prove' before they will refund. This app has caused me more headaches and stress. In 5 years of having a Shopify Store this is the worst thing I ever did.

Nya Zeeland
Ungefär en månad användning av appen
Avada svarade 27 juli 2022


Thank you for your valuable feedback and I am so sorry for the experience you have had!

I can see you contacted our livechat several times and some issues happen, and we were trying to resolve it asap at the time you contacted.

To better assist you to solve all issues mentioned, I have sent a follow-up email. Please check your emailbox to for details.

Thank you so much!
Daisy from AVADA

21 oktober 2022

This app can not handle the number of images it says it can and the support team has been totally inadequate in assisting with the problem. They say it is because of Shopify API limitations, if Shopify has limitations their app has the same limitations and they should not be making these false claims.

Ungefär en månad användning av appen
Avada svarade 21 oktober 2022

Dear Tony,

We're genuinely sorry that you are experiencing this unexpectedness with our app and we would like to apologize for any discomfort this brought you.

We want you to know that we're here to assist you.

We are investigating your site and working our best to find out the best solution to get the issue resolved and earn back your trust in our service.

We did send you a follow-up email about this, please kindly check that in your email inbox. I look forward to hearing from you soonest!

Redigerat 8 augusti 2022

Worse than this application and customer service I have ever met in my life. They promise to increase your website speed: my website speed has dropped by 20 points and customer service is still looking for a solution to this problem. It's been 3 days already. They don't have enough technical skills. Very disappointed!

Scandinavian Goods
30 dagar användning av appen
Avada svarade 24 juli 2022

Hi there,
This is Daisy from AVADA Team. I am so sorry for the delay as it takes a bit of time to apply the fixing.

I've checked your SEO analysis with the warning reported. We can totally fix the issue for you. I also shoot you a follow email, kindly check it so that we can assist you better and at highest priority.

Thank you

15 september 2023

Najgorsza apka do seo. Unikajcie jej. Poziom SEO po jej działaniu spadł z 85% na 60%. Błędy do naprawienia tylko przez programistę. Zmiany w szablonie, sklep zwolnił z 87% na 47%. Mimo indeksacji blokuje meta tittle i description. Ogólnie więcej szkód niż pożytku.

MONAS-SHOP Home Garden Beauty Pets
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